Saturday, November 6, 2010

Walk with Gratitude Day 6

Today I am grateful for my mother. It is her birthday today. She is absolutely wonderful. She is an indescribable mix of craziness, quirkiness, kindness, selflessness, wisdom, fun, and spunk.

We tease her tirelessly about her frugality, the way she talks to herself incessantly, and how she never sits down for a single moment.

But we probably don't sing her praises enough. When I think of my mother, I think of her warm, soft skin, her gentle touch, and her sweet smile. She is truly the picture of elegance. She is beautiful  on the inside and out. And I love her. I am so grateful I am hers.

As for my adoption post, I have this dilemma that I haven't quite solved yet. I always try to be linguistically correct. Maybe it's because of my love for language or the fact that I have to be correct in my job.

When most people refer to their foray into motherhood, they say things like, "When I had Peter..."

For some reason, I feel like it is linguistically incorrect for me to say that. "When I had Jocelyn..." But I don't always want to say "When I adopted Jocelyn" for obvious reasons. And "When Jocelyn came into my life..." just sounds awkward.

I've been struggling with how to say that. A phrase that is honest, correct, and normal.

But the more I think about it, the word  had in the phrase "When I had Peter..." doesn't really mean "gave birth to." Right?


Liz Smith said...

Such a cute post. I like how you pointed out her frugality and talking to herself. my mom does that too, not a ton, but once in a while. lol. It's hilarious. I love my mom too! we are so lucky to have been blessed with great moms. They truly are amazing.

and good point on the "i had peter..." dilema. You're right, it's kind of tricky. But really, it's an awkward phrase to begin with. i'd say just go with whatever first pops in your head.

Hays Family said...

Thanks Lara..that was sweet. Hope you still love me when these attributes get worse and worse.

Alicia said...

How about "When I was blessed with..." because that could really mean either meaning. Both are blessings.

The Gotch Family said...

How about when Jocie was born, I always say that about my kids, and the day my kids were born. I never use the words gave birth, sort of graphic and gross for some reason.


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