Monday, November 8, 2010

Walk with Gratitude Day 8

Today I am grateful for YouTube. Thanks to a nice handyman's tutorial, I learned how to remove my Venetian blinds and give them a "bath" as Joci kept saying, and then shrink wrap my windows.

On the flip side, I am *not* happy about several inches of wet, wet snow that will become black ice in the morning.

"But What Was Best for the Baby?"

Read the full article here.

I cannot describe the feelings that engulfed me when my 13-year-old daughter, Mandy, told me she was going to have a baby. I was shocked, and I didn’t know what to do. How could something so wonderful as bringing a life into the world carry so much pain?

We met with a counselor at LDS Social Services. The counselor helped us explore the options of single parenting and adoption. The magnitude of the decision facing my daughter seemed overwhelming.

At this point my own feelings were tender. How could I go through the months ahead at the side of my daughter, watch her give birth, and then not bring a baby home? However, the counselor explained that placing a baby through adoption meant giving a baby a home where it could receive all the blessings that we could not provide at this time. But in my heart I could not accept this at that time. How could I allow this baby—my posterity—to go to another home?

About midway through the pregnancy my daughter received a strong confirmation that she was to place the baby in another home. Peace came to my daughter, but my heart mourned nevertheless.

After much prayer and pondering, she chose the couple her child would one day call Mom and Dad. As I reviewed the information, I knew they seemed to be exactly the kind of people I would entrust with a precious child. Our heartache would become their blessing.

The day finally came, and my daughter gave birth to a beautiful little girl. On the third morning we kissed the baby one last time, handed the infant girl to the social worker, and left the hospital with tears in our eyes. Somewhere there was a young couple also shedding tears as they held a newborn baby girl for the first time. I felt gratitude for Mandy’s mature and unselfish decision that assured her baby a good start in life.

Since that day I have seen my daughter grow into a mature and lovely young woman with strength of character and maturity beyond her years. I have come to appreciate the correctness of the decision made by a 13-year-old girl.

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Frederick Family said...

What a beautiful story.

Can you come wash all of my blinds?


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