Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why Do You Support Adoption?

Today is National Adoption Day! Yeah, yeah, the whole month is adoption month, but today is the BIG DAY! I am grateful for adoption. Without it, we wouldn't be parents. My life has been blessed in more ways that I could ever hope to count thanks to the courageous choice of two wise, strong people who wanted their little princess to have  more than they could give her. I will forever sing their praises. They are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I try and do right by them every day. I feel a solemn obligation to be the best mother I can be to honor their sacrifice.

I am so grateful that the institution of adoption exists. That open adoption is becoming the norm. I am glad that Jocelyn's birth parents respected the life they made and sought out this option and got the support and help they needed.

So, in honor of adoption month and adoption day, I wanted to ask all my readers to take this chellenge that I am acceping from Birthmothers4Adoption. Even if you don't have a personal experience with adoption and doubt you ever will,  you can still be an adoption advocate by spreading some adoption love. You never know how your positivity will impact the world. So if you will sometime this month, answer this question as briefly or as complexly as yo like:

I'd love to see some posts answering this question pop up on blogs in the next couple of weeks. :) Take the challenge and pass it along to others.

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