Sunday, November 14, 2010

WWG Day 13

Today I am grateful for friends. They really make life fun, don't they?

"A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows you're slightly cracked."
- Bernard Metzler

I am lucky to have so many great friends. They fill my life with laughter and love. And thanks to technology, even distant friends are still close.

Have a soft spot in your heart for adoption? Have an empty drawer in your jewelry box? Check out this fun etsy shop of adoption-related jewelry (and children's clothing). As you can see, this jewelry isn't so adoption specific that you can't enjoy it. Any lady who loves a little fun bling will love something like this:

As pathetic as this may sound, I am running out of ideas for adoption posts. And we're not even half-way through the month! I blame it on the fact that I blog about adoption A LOT! Anyway, last year, I encouraged you all to ask questions, which I then answered. My readers submitted some awesome questions and opened a lot of cool dialogue. So I was thinking I would do that again. I have added a Formspring button to the side of my blog where you can ask a question regarding adoption or, well, anything really. Or you can leave a question in the comments. I know I have a lot more readers than a year ago, so I bet there will be some new questions! Thanks for your help on this!

P.S. Stuff from this etsy shop is on my Christmas list - hint, hint. ;)

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