Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Pictures

Here are some familial updates from the past month. I was having too much fun during Thanksgiving to take a lot of pictures. They are a little out of order. Stupid blogger.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we got slammed with a blizzard. This was just the beginning of it. Justin works an hour south...he barely got out of the neighborhood before turning around and coming home. I went to work for 2 hours then came home right as the white out started. This picture is really the very beginning. We were on pins and needles as my parents were driving to our home.

We watched Afton and Paige. Joci always has a ball when she gets to play with Afton.

Such a good helper!

Ellie, Jeff, and Stephanie

One of Joci's favorite new spots. She sits in the fridge, proclaims "Bye!" and tries to shut herself in.

Joci devoured two plates of Thanksgiving turkey, yams, potatoes, beans, and stuffing. Here she is enjoying her pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Pie face!

My nieces thought Joci was a living doll. They played house and dress up with her. Joci enjoyed it for the most part and I was surprised how much time to myself I had when the four girls were playing in the basement or the back room. Ellie was so good with Joci that I didn't have to worry about them at all. This picture shows one of the ways the cousins dressed Joci up - Halloween cat ears, sun glasses, a purse, and a window valance as a scarf. Joci was proud as a peacock.  

Rock on!

What a perfect emo shirt for this picture! :)

I don't think Joci enjoys anything more than watching a video on someone's lap.

Bath time with the new duckie towel Grandma Hays gave Joci.

As some journaling for myself down the road (and those who are interested), we had a great Thanksgiving. My parents came from southern Utah. My sister Stephanie and her family came from Salt Lake. My brother Jordan and his family came from the next town over. And Justin's brother Jon came from Pocatello. We had 15 people in my little house.

I got sick on Wednesday. Just was not feeling well at all. Stomach bug. Luckily it was gone by Thursday so I could enjoy our amazing feast.

I made a fantastic Thanksgiving discovery that will change the way turkeys are roasted forever. We cooked the bird breast DOWN for 3 hours, then flipped it and roasted it breast up for 1 hour just to let it brown. It was A-MAY-ZING. I don't even like white meat and it was so buttery and delicious. I couldn't get enough of it. All the juices settled down into the breasts. Nothing better than a juicy set of breasts, right? ;)

Stephanie and Jeff took their kids sledding in 5 degree weather. Wow, they are troopers.

Too much food. Too much pie. The garage was too cold to act as a fridge and everything was freezing.

Friday morning, my nephew Mason began throwing up. He lost count but probably threw up about 27 times that day. Nothing was staying down. Like a good family, we all abandoned him with Grandma and Grandpa and Joci and went to see Tangled. So fun! I love going to a movie during the Thanksgiving holiday. And I was so excited for Tangled. The story of Rapunzel has always been my favorite fairy tale (I think I am obsessed with all the hair). I always wanted Disney to do that story. I even wrote Walt a letter (not knowing that Walt was dead or cryogenically frozen or whatever) about doing a Rapunzel movie. Well, they finally got around to it and I loved it. Justin said it was the best Disney movie he's ever seen. The music was slightly forgettable, but the plot and characters were just so incredible.

We had a lot of fun playing the Wii and Scattergories. The kids really took to that game.

Late that night, Mason was still very sick. He had lost 8 lbs. Stephanie and Jeff decided to stay with me another night instead of driving home as planned. Stephanie was worried that Mason would need to go to the ER. After a priesthood blessing and some Nurse Stephanie medical magic, Mason was able to rehydrate and sleep through the night. He was a new kid the next morning! Oh, Jessica started throwing up in the middle of the night, but only twice and then she was ok. We were worried though.

Justin was on call and had to drive all over the state on Sunday. We missed him and were worried about him. We still had tons of snow. The main roads were okay, but many of the county and town roads hadn't been plowed. I was looking forward to a Michael McLean adoption fireside but after Justin's car and my dad's car both got stuck in front of my house in a 20 minute time span, I decided to just play it safe and stay inside. It was disappointing, but it was nice to stay warm and cozy inside and play Wii bowling with the folks.

Overall, it was really fun to have a full house and so many people. Thanks to all my family who made very treacherous drives here and back. Since Justin was on call, we had to stay here. Glad we had family come to us. :)

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Michelle said...

So fun! Glad you had a nice holiday overall-- sorry for the sickness-- hope everyone is well now.


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