Monday, December 13, 2010

There's a Reason I Dress Like a Sitcom Dad


Blah, blah, blah.

That's my wardrobe for you. Safe and boring. I have good reason though. I have tried to up my style and experiment with layers but once I wore this cute, scoop neck vest over a white button down poplin shirt and the office pervert told me I looked like a bar wench and the way he said it with this twinkle in his eye made me realize that while he was complimenting my figure, or at least the way the low cut, curve hugging vest accentuated my, um, assets, it was also kind of icky and I have never worn that vest again because if the office pervert is gonna say it, then at least six other people are thinking it and I was going for more of a corporate savvy look and not a pirate maiden with lederhosen look.

So that's why, day after day, I wear an unimpressive pair of slacks with drab boots and a generic-looking knit top or sweater.


Kristy Skoy said...

And I like your look! I always feel drab next to you. When ever I see you, you look awesome!

Beckie said...

Well drab or not-- comfy -- is important- !!

I thought the same thing this morning- and I pulled out a pair of slacks and a sweater--I thought-- I have the pieces to do something fun- but just need someone to put them together for me!! I'm no fashionista!

Groff Family said...

Ummmm, isn't this the exact same as an episode of The Office? Pam puts on a little more stylish of a shirt and Creed starts suggestively checking her out. She went back to her safe shirt and sweater ensemble.

Hays Family said...

I need to see a picture of you in that revealing outfit then I can better judge how you look.

Ashley said...

yeah, I have cleavage when I wear t-shirts. Curse the bountiful.


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