Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bring on 2011

Doesn't 2011 sound so futuristic?

We had fun ringing in the New Year with my brother (a New Year baby, so it was his birthday too) his wife and two little girls.

Six or seven years ago when they lived in Rexburg, we were at their house for New Year's and planned on getting food at a restaurant. Well, the only place open was a Chinese place called Fong's. As delicious as it was, it ripped up all our guts and, well, had some smelly side effects. All night long as we got a stomach cramp or a particularly pungent whiff of air, we'd all yell, "Fong's!" Well, the Chinese food tradition has stuck and we enjoyed much better Shelley Chinese food this year. :)

Jordan and Cindy brought Christmas crackers. You wouldn't believe how coveted these paper crowns were by the children.

Afton and Justin entertained us with some magic tricks.

Joci and I debuted our new pajamas. This is also a tradition - a Christmas tradition where my mom would make all 5 of us kids new pajamas and we opened them on Christmas Eve. I did it last year for the first time (not for Joci - she was so little that I just bought hers). This year, I was running out of time and decided to modify the tradition to make them New Pajamas for a New Year. This alleviated some Christmas stress. I like it. I don't have a picture of Justin because he was on-call for child protection services and didn't want to be in pj's in case he had to go out. His are the same pattern as mine but are a tiger stripe. We are all in animal print.

Joci's are quite cute but are really big. They'll probably fit better next winter than this winter.

We lit of fireworks, played MarioKart, watched the ball drop, and toasted 2011 with sparkling juice. Little Afton still thinks all the fuss is for her dad's birthday. The impact of a new year was kind of lost on her. :)

And as for resolutions...I hate them. I really do. I don't like to set goals because then I feel bad when I don't make them. So I usually avoid it. Which is horrible because it's a way to feel complacent about lack of progress. And New Year's resolutions are so cliche...why not make a goal when it needs to be made? Why wait for this day (or force it to be early)?

But, alas, I am going to jump on the bandwagon anyway.

1. Make personal writing a priority. I have another novel in the works (more than one, actually). I would like to finish it to prove to myself that I can, that the last one wasn't just a fluke, that I can have that dedication all the time. Also, Justin and I have wanted to start a blog that deals more with Justin's insights as a counselor. So it would be good to get that going.

2. Continue with our total money makeover. I have an update on this I will write about soon.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Multiple fruits and veggies. Every day!

4. Run another 5k. And run more in general. I will wait until the weather warms up because that is what I need to do.

5. Organize memories. I used to be really great at scrapbooking. Then the digital age came. My computer's 250 gig hard drive is full of pictures. If it crashed...I don't even want to think about it. I am working on a redundancy system of having all the pictures on labeled, organized discs, and on our backup hard drive, and maybe on an online data storage. Good way to protect our memories - but it will also be good for my poor hard drive. I can't even install anything new on my computer! I also want to get my blog printed.

6. More frequent scripture study. I started this in November and plan to keep it up.

7. Keep not smoking. I make this goal every year because it makes me feel good about myself. Yeah, it's kind of tongue in cheek, but at the same time, it reminds me that I already have some good habits and maintaining good practices is just as important as adding on new things.

Happy 2011, everyone! I hope it's mediocre at worst and spectacular at best.


Liz Smith said...

lol...i like the 'keep not smoking' resolution. i may have to adopt that one so that i at least have one resolution that i can feel good about not breaking. :) i totally agree with you though, i am not a big new years resolution person either because they are cliche and kinda meaningless, for me anyway. But i still make the standard, exercise, be healthy, blah blah blah resolutions. I hope 2011 is a great year for you guys!!

Alicia said...

I can tell you don't smoke from your shiny white teeth. Cute pic!

Frederick Family said...

Your New Years party sounds so fun.
You make the new year sound so full of possibilities. I'll have to blog my new years resolutions so I can be more committed to them.
Cheers to a New Year.

Amy said...

cute pjs. I'm with you on the goalsetting thing.


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