Friday, January 21, 2011

Justin's First Acupuncture Session

You said you wanted alternative medicine updates.

Last Thursday, Justin and I both went for acupuncture. It was Justin's first time. He was a little reluctant. Not so much about the needles or about Chinese medicine in general, but he was nervous that the guy would just be a quack. After our appointments, Justin's review was that he had never been so relaxed as during the session and then afterwards he felt very energetic, sharp, and focused like his senses were in overdrive. He also experienced the buzzing feeling during his session. He says he'll definitely go back.

I had a very stressful morning and a two-day-old migraine. It took me a while to feel really relaxed during my session, plus it was freezing in there. I finally drifted off to sleep during the last ten minutes. When Jerry came in to take the needles out, he noticed that my hands were balled up. My thumb was tucked in and all my fingers were wrapped around them. He asked me why I was holding my hands like that. I just do, especially when I sleep. He was giddy with disbelief.

Jerry told me that he had never seen an adult hold their hands like that before. Apparently by holding your hands like that, you "protect your ch'i" and prevent it from flowing out of you and prevent negative energies from flowing in. He said that is how qigong (pronounced chee-gong) masters hold their hands on purpose. Jerry said that babies hold their hands that way all the time (we've all seen that, right?) because they intrinsically know how to protect this "gift from heaven." He was just blown away that I hold my hands that way all the time, especially when sleeping.

He also said that when there's tension and negative energy in a room, just hold your hands that way and it will help protect you from that negativity. I have yet to experiment with that.

Like I said before, it took me a long time to relax and drift off to sleep because I was fighting a two-day-old migraine. When my session was over, my migraine was gone.

As far as the herbs go, they are as disgusting as ever. Taking them with orange juice is the best. The one difference I have noticed is that I seem to have more energy. Ever since a few weeks before Christmas, I have been on a horrible schedule of not going to bed until midnight or even 1 a.m giving me about five to six hours of sleep. Normally I can do this for two, maybe three nights before I just collapse on myself. Normally I have a super hard time waking in the morning and will be pounding Diet Pepsi all day. My eyes will be hella puffy in the mornings too. I have not broken this unfortunate habit and I feel normal. No extra caffeine. No puffy eyes. No afternoon dragging.

Oh, another thing I have noticed that may or may not be the herbs is that my complexion is looking good. I started going to a dermatologist last spring and I have been taking antibiotics ever since. Well, my prescription ran out in mid-December. I have been too busy/lazy to refill it. I've been worried, anticipating a big breakout which is what has happened the two other times I have let my medicine lapse. But my skin has held steady.


UK Yankee said...

Thanks for sharing this! P and I have been thinking about this kind of therapy, and it sounds interestng. I don't know if we'll be able to find someone out here, but I'm curious if it would work at all for us.

Ashley said...

To answer your poll on the side; Mind Control.

The rest of those things are somewhat void if you can make people do whatever you want them to do. Except immortality. Can't do much there.

Kristy Skoy said...

How much and Where do you go? I want to try it.


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