Monday, January 31, 2011

My Own Sweatshop Is Just Around the Corner

My own childhood taught me that the whole purpose for children is to be the parents' personal slave army.

I fully intend to continue this cycle of power and servitude.

This was Saturday, also known as slave day (or the day we do all the chores around the house).

We started with some chillin'. I love my man's hair in this picture. Looks like a tiara!
Oh, and Joci insisted on putting on some of my Christmas socks and a shimmery cardigan on top of her pajamas. This girl has style.

She did her "homework" and "read" books. And neatly put them away when I sang the "Clean Up Song."

Next, we worked on life skills like drinking from things other than sippy cups.

So proud of her accomplishment. Also, she has a Cheeto face.

MUCH time was spent wrapping and rewrapping her baby perfectly.

I cleaned out my closet and dresser and got rid of all my clothes that don't fit, no matter how much I think they'll fit again someday. Sad that I still had stuff from my freshman year in high school in my wardrobe. I got rid of 2 overflowing laundry baskets-full. Joci bagged them all. And then pushed the bags out to the front room for me.

Pulling clean clothes out of the dryer.

And taking the damp, clean sheets out of the washer and placing them in the dryer.

Back upstairs, she unloaded all the clean laundry onto the piano bench. Her way of "folding" it, I guess.

Getting ready for bed involves putting on random big people socks.

After all that work, I think she earned a little play time.

Seriously though, Jocelyn loves nothing more than helping out. If she sees me heading downstairs with a basket of laundry she cries, whines, and pleads to come down with me. She loves it. And I love her. Happy world.


Beckie said...

OOH yes-- definitely need slave labor!!! Porter loves to do dishes!!!

Liz Smith said...

i LOVE getting rid of old clothes. it's so therapeutic!

joci is so cute! i love the cheeto face. :D


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