Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Ties of Family

I have rediscovered an old history!

My Aunt Vicki got me into it about then years ago. About five years ago I did a lot of research. My computer containing all that info crashed - but luckily Justin was able to extract the family history files onto his portable hard drive - where they have remained.

At the library a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to the young adult historical fiction section (one of my favorites) and discovered a series called The Royal Diaries which are fictionalized diaries of women of history. I grabbed Cleopatra because she's cool and Eleanor of Aquitaine because I am a descendant of hers. I finished the Eleanor book yesterday...and being curious about my relationship to this mighty queen of both France and England and the mother of King Richard the Lionheart and King John (think Prince John from Robin Hood) and other notable figures, dug out that portable hard drive.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

I was up until 3:40 a.m. (I admit it, I was way too tired to get up for church - shame on me. But in my defense, I was doing family history!)

All day today, whenever I've had time, I've been researching, finding names, and filling in blanks.

There is one line on my mother's side (the one with Eleanor of Aquitaine) that gets scrambled in Greek mythology. What do you do when all the research shows that the mother of Tros King of Troy is a water nymph and his father is Zeus??? :)

And there are lines that go back as far as Abraham in the Bible.

Cool stuff.

Finding a royal line helps so much because they kept good records. :) But I find myself more curious about the unknown names. All I can do is read between the lines to extract what I can about their lives.

Jane Taliaferro - what is your story? You were born in Virginia, in 1670. You must've grown up in a brand new colony that your parents helped settled surrounded by hardship and death. You married a man who was born in Scotland. He also died there. You gave birth on a ship sailing from Scotland to Virginia shortly after you were widowed. What took you to Scotland? How terrified you must have been to cross the Atlantic alone and heavy with child. And, sadly, you died back in Virginia, before your son was even a year old.

Adrian Swift -  you were born in New York City in 1846. You were wounded in the Civil War. Did you fight as a Union soldier? Did you believe in your cause?

So many stories, so many questions. I stare at birth dates, death dates, and locations. If I am lucky, there is some tidbit of information.

I love family history. I find it so intriguing and I truly am experiencing Elijah's promise in Malachi 4:6 of having my heart turned to my fathers. I find a lot of comfort, pride, and joy in my ancestry. However, I worry about my daughter. How will she feel about genealogy? Will it upset her? Will she love Hays/Zierke genealogy and accept that even though she doesn't share a bloodline, the love, guidance, and true heritage of family is hers? Or will she resent it? Or want to search the genealogy of her biological bloodline?

Only time will tell.


Kim said...

I also love family history although I haven't done much research yet. Have you seen the nbc show Who Do You Think You Are? It came on last year and will be on again the beginning of February.

Lara said...

I have seen that show. It's really neat. I would LOVE to be on it.


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