Monday, January 17, 2011

Twenty-One Months

I share my house with a tiny little creature who is sometimes a cuddly mass of cuteness and sometimes a histrionic terror. But I love her either way.

She is 21 months old today.

Today during bath time, we practiced counting. I started her off.

Me: One
Joci: Two, bree, Yellow
Me: Four
Joci: Bubble
Me: Five
Joci: Ix
Me: Seven
Joci: Eight

Who knew yellow and bubble were in the basic digits. But they are.

drinking lotion, a favorite pastime
"Kaa-yee! Poppit!"

She disciplines the dog! When we eat in the dining room, we always tell our dog "Katie, carpet" to instruct the dog to sit on the carpet instead of begging right under our feet. We now have another pair of eyes keeping watch over our disobedient dog.

"Stop it!" A new phrase she says when Daddy teases her too much.

Today, she got a balloon at daycare. It was her best friend all night - although I was afraid that with all the body slamming and biting, it wouldn't make it through the night. Such a fun yet vexing toy. Every time it slipped out of her grasp and bopped up to the ceiling, the house would fill with blood-curdling screams until I placed it back in her chubby, sticky hands.

the beloved balloon

She loves her new sing-along DVDs she got for Christmas. She always asks for a "show." She opens the DVD case, opens the DVD player, removes the DVD - and she needs help getting her DVD out of the case and into the player. She then shuts the player, pushes play on it and watches it. And when it's over, she turns it off. She's awesome.

When I take a picture, I can tell her to say "cheese" and she actually looks and the camera and basically smiles. The evidence is below! Yay!

Joci has comfiscated this scarf, which was knitted for me as a Christmas present by a woman I work with.

Every day is a magical discovery. I am so glad to be this beauty's mother.


Beckie said...

She is too cute!! I love the scarf- Porter stole mine too - he likes to drag it around the house!!

rochelle said...

She's such a cutie!!! Just a quick tip on balloons. My 26 month old daughter LOVES them. A friend of mine suggested tying the balloon to a mason jar lid for them to wear as a bracelet. No cutting off circulation when they pull the string tight and the jar lid makes the ballon go to the ground so it won't fly away when they take off the bracelet. Genius I tell ya!!! Sadie love her "moon pretty" Translation: ballon bracelet.


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