Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Biggest Loser Inspiration

kaylee and moses

I have never really watched The Biggest Loser before, but this year our neighbors are on the show and we've tuned in for every episode. Tonight's episode had a theme: parents protecting their kids from elimination.

My neighbors are Moses and Kaylee, formerly of the Gray Team. They are a father/daughter team. Kaylee has lost enough weight that she is circling in on her target weight and it is harder and harder for her to pull big numbers.

Today's episode had a twist - a double elimination. As usual, the losing team had to vote to send someone home. In addition to that, the person with the lowest weight loss percentage - even if they were on the winning team - would be eliminated.

Many parents were afraid of their child being the contestant forced to go home. Three parents took the same path in order to keep their children on the show to reap the benefits of education, training, nutrition, etc. Three parents purposely gained weight in order to be the person with the least progress.

Moses was worried about keeping Kaylee on the show. He obviously knows how important this journey is to her health and her self-esteem. But instead of purposely gaining weight in order to make sure Kaylee wouldn't be the contestant with the least progress, he did something different.

Every morning, before 6 a.m., Moses, dressed and ready for the day, dragged his daughter out of bed and the two of them went to the gym and worked out. He pushed her hard. They were the only two up. And then they faced a day of who knows how many hours of regular workouts with the trainers. And they hit those as hard as they could too.

They had less sleep than everyone else and worked harder than everyone else.

And that's why Kaylee had the highest weight loss percentage.

And Moses had the second highest.

Moses wanted to protect his child, like the other parents. And he did. But rather than throwing the weigh in and sacrificing himself, he set an example of hard work and excellence that benefited them both.

I don't judge the parents who cut their journey short to keep their kids on the show. That's noble too in it's own way.

It just hit me that no other parent besides Moses thought to push their children harder to make them earn their place.

This man is an example as a neighbor, ward member, friend, father, and so much more. I feel so inspired.

I know now more than ever that as a parent, it is our job to set the example. To lead the way for our children. To take their hand and guide them where they need to be.

Thank you, Moses, and GO TEAM GRAY!!!!


Faye Hayes said...

That is AMAZING! Great parenting and the way the lord wants us to be. I think I will have to start watching and support them too. Thanks for the post

Frederick Family said...

I love Kaylee and Moses!!! We watch the show together every Tues night as a family. It inspires us all to try hard and be healthy.

Rachel said...

Awwww. Makes me all weepy.

Alicia said...

Thank you for sharing this. It helped me in a tough decision I have had that relates to parenting. It just confirms that as parents we shouldn't just take the easy way out because other parents are. Thanks again.


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