Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Joci Favorites

Here are some videos from our day on Saturday.

Listen closely. You can hear her say something then Mommy then I got it.

I also just wanted to publicly document some of my favorite things with my 21 month old right now.

When she sings "Where Is Thumbkin," she hunches her shoulders up and scrunches up her little pointer fingers right in front of her nose.

She now recognizes herself in pictures. She used to point at them and say "baby" but now she says "Shosee."

It's fun to see all the kids at daycare understanding relationships. Every time I drop Joci off, all the kids greet her, "Joci!" And when I come to pick her up, they all see me and again call her name, but not in a greeting way. More in a "I'm getting your attention because your mom is here" kind of way.

She tries to say just about anything I tell her too. :) I got her to say "chatterbox" tonight but she pronounced it "batterbosh." So cute.

She does so good identifying all the colors, but she usually puts the word "a" in front of them all. A-purple, a-pink, a-yellow.

Lately, she does this thing where she closes her eyes, hunches her shoulders, and slowly dances around in a circle.

She loves playing "Ashes" or Ring Around the Rosies.

She loves when her daddy spins her around fast. She giggles and says "Agin!"

The first time she said "giraffe" she said it like "jerflack."

She got a hold of my phone while I was at a friend's house tonight. She called my mom, who didn't answer and she also tried to send a picture text message with some gibberish to my acupuncturist's office. I am glad their office phone doesn't accept texts. :)

She likes to feed me.

She likes to throw anything empty away. Usually that's a good thing, but she threw away one of my empty refillable glass spice bottles. I found it though. :)

When we give her kisses at night, she puckers up, says "mmm" and kisses me, kisses Justin, kisses me again, Justin again, me again and this would go on and on if we didn't stop her.

P.S. YouTube hates me and the videos are huge. I give up.


Beckie said...

Too cute- I love the good night kisses-- soo sweet!

Chad and Tina said...

She is adorable!!! I love her pigtails! We did go through the same agency as we were placed with our son. We couldn't believe how fast it was, but were so grateful! Thank again for the congrats!! We love our our baby girl

Frederick Family said...

Sooo Cute!! Kids make daily life fun, interesting and worth it:)


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