Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vinyl Wall Hanging Tutorial

I went to the craft store today to get some paper - and I came back with a bag full of odds and ends for a project. This happens a lot to me at the craft store. :) I saw these cute wall hangings made from 12 x 12 canvases and things like vinyl or felt or whatnot. I decided to give it a try.

The plan:

1. paint edges of the canvas with black tempura pain
2. use Mod Podge to paste down a 12 x 12 piece of purple scrapbook paper
3. apply vinyl
4. apply embellishments
5. victory!

Now, if this were any other Mormon Mommy Blogger's tutorial, steps one through five be executed flawlessly. Now, since I am Lara, it happened a little differently. And this is pretty normal for me. And I believe that crafting is a little bit harder than most tutorials make it look, so I am going to post EXACTLY what I did. :)

Step 1: paint the edges of the canvas with black tempura paint.

I check my paint drawer. I have blue, metallic red, and gold glitter paint. No black. So I use my expensive acrylic paint. No big.

Step 2: use Mod Podge to paste down purple paper.

I spread Mod Podge thinly on the canvas. The paper isn't really sticking. Use more Mod Podge. The edges keep popping up. But the great thing about Mod Podge is that you can smear it on top of stuff and seal edges. Realize that a 12 x 12 painting canvas and a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper are not the same size. The paper is a bit bigger. I take a pair of scissors and trim a little off the edge. My cut is jagged a crooked. That's what I get for trying to cut a piece of paper glued to a canvas. :) The Mod Podge is still wet...maybe if I peel the paper off and then cut it.

I peel the paper off.

Oh, it's a mess. There's no saving this project.

Check my bag of goodies I bought from the craft store. On the back side of a piece of blue paper I bought is a pretty pink pattern. Time for a do-over.

Part of the problem is that a flexible surface like canvas just doesn't work with Mod Podge. And all-over glue is not the answer. Also, the applying the vinyl on top of the flexible canvas is gonna be a disaster too, I can just tell. This is my second chance to rethink a few things.

Step 1: Touch up edges with black acrylic paint

Step 2: Trim the edges of my 12 x 12 paper with my fancy Xacto cutting board for a guaranteed straight line

Step 3: Apply vinyl and add embellishments

The embellishments I used are a ribbon and paper flower stickers and pink rhinestones stickers I found in the scrapbooking section of the craft store. I used hot glue to attach these. 

Step 4: Use a very small smear of hot glue on just the edges to apply paper to canvas

Step 5: Attach ribbon to top of canvas as a cute hanger

I was able to add this step when I switched from purple to pink because I just so happened to have thick pink ribbon.

Sorry these pictures are kinda lame - it's hard to take pictures of crafts that take two hands. :)

I cut two long lengths of ribbon and used a lighter to briefly heat the edges, melting the ribbon fabric so it won't fray.

I then tied the ribbon in two knots at the length I wanted.


I tied the ribbon in a bow

And I did it again to make a double bow

Then I took a length of the ribbon and pulled wrapped it around the knots of the bow to make it look all nice and smooth and pretty. I glued this wrapped around ribbon in the back with a dot of hot glue. Then I trimmed off the excess ribbon. 

 Step 6: Victory!

Once I figured out the kinks, it was actually quite easy and I think it turned out really cute. Can't wait to make a purple one. :)

But now, seriously, fess up. Are your craft projects more similar to mine or to the perfect tutorials you see all over the blogosphere?


Liz Smith said...

ummm...IF i did craft projects, they would be a crazy mess.

good job though! i like the pink and the embellishments. i think it turned out great!

Ashley said...

Who's the MMB now? ;)

Meagan said...

Oh how I miss crafty stores. They just aren't the same outside of Idaho/Utah.

I love this project. I need to do something similar for the playroom. I have nothing on the walls at all and it's not a very happy playroom. :")

Beckie said...

good job- it looks super cute- all my projects - craft or not- go worse than that-- I unpick my sewing projects- 10 times at least-- and when its done- its just done- not "Finished" cuz finished would mean right- not just tired of it- so that will do- soo hooray for you- aren't hot glue guns great!!!

Lara said...

Becky, I know what you mean. A lot of my projects - especially sewing projects - are done and never finished. :)


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