Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Am an American from America

I have heard in the past that calling our country America or calling yourself an American is offensive to other people who live on North or South America because they can technically be considered Americans too. Okay, whatever. So I've always tried to say United States and USA and stuff like that.

 Then I realized that was dumb.
  • We call it Brazil. Real name: Federative Republic of Brazil
  • We call it the UK, Britain, England, etc. Real name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland                  
  • We call it Bulgaria. Real name: Republic of Bulgaria
  • We call it Iran. Real name: Islamic Republic of Iran
  • We call it Mexico. Real name: United Mexican States
  • We call it Spain. Real name: Kingdom of Spain
  • We call it Greece. Real name: Hellenic Republic
  • We call it Laos. Real name: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Get my drift? Our country's official name is the United States of America. But I think precedent and popular opinion show that it is not only acceptable but also expected to drop all the formalities and just say America/American.


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