Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life as a Trapper Keeper

Do you ever have those days when you just feel so…

I don’t know – like a Trapper Keeper?

You remember Trapper Keepers, right? Once upon a time they were cool. They hold all kinds of stuff—but usually boring stuff—and after a little bit of use they start to tear at the binding and the picture gets scuffed—and not a cool picture but something more generic because you were lucky that your mom would even spring for a Trapper Keeper in the first place—and even though it’s scuffed and the plastic is jagged it’s still functional so you can’t justify getting rid of it and you try to convince everyone that it’s ironically cool in a hipster sort of way even though you resent hipsters and openly rebel against their egotistical uniqueness.

I am feeling a bit like a Trapper Keeper today. 

I read other blogs and think, “My blog is so boring. I could do more, right? I am supposed to be creative. I am a freakin’ professional creative writer. I can do better than this, right?” And then I think, “Maybe I can’t do better than this. Man, I am lame. Lame like an old Trapper Keeper.”

I look at other women and think, “I have no sense of fashion. I am lucky if my clothes fit. I am excited that I have finally found a pair of jeans that I love. First time in my life that has ever happened. They are from GAP. And I paid full price. How do people find amazing outfits at TJ Maxx for $17 when it took me years to find an acceptable pair of jeans for $60?”

Am I the only twenty-something woman in America who owns only one pair of jeans?

Am I the only twenty-something woman in America who has exactly three pairs of pants that fit properly and that I actually like to wear (said jeans are part of this number)?

Am I the only twenty-something (almost thirty-something!) who still feels like a lost teenager trying to find her voice, personality, and style?

I often catch myself thinking that this self-dislike (not quite self-loathing, but on that spectrum) would just end if I were taller/thinner/richer/smarter/funnier?

P.S. I have a follow up to this post for tomorrow. It will be more positive. I hope.


Alicia said...

Um, wow, you just summed me up in a blog post. I totally relate. You are not the only one.

Frederick Family said...

Maybe it's a family thing. I have one pair of jeans that have worn through and have holes in the lower buttocks area. Sadly, I still wear them because the thought of shopping for jeans is more than I can bear. I have one pair of tan casual slacks. I like them, they are comfortable, they are too big for me. I look like I have a saggy behind without any shape when I where them. Lastly I have a pair of slacks. They are too long for regular shoes, I can only wear them with boots, which becomes limiting come summertime. I have about five decent tops to wear, most of them are t-shirts. Not flattering, not hip. Don't get me started on my poor selection shoes. I wish I were 20 lbs lighter, toner and tanner. That said, I think we need to get some fashion help and go shopping and just feel good about ourselves. We are both busy working moms who overall are doing a pretty darn good job.:) Love you sis!!!!

Jessica said...

No you are not the only twenty-something that only owns one pair of jeans that fit. Count me in that category. Also, GAP jeans are the only jeans that fit me too. Ridiculous that I have to pay that amount, but if I'm only going to have one pair of jeans, they better fit...or do I only have one pair of jeans because I have to buy them at GAP? Either way, I feel ya. As for finding your sense of style, I would have never guessed you felt like that. I always thought you were much more stylish than I. But I totally feel like that too. I have this idea of what I want to project and how I want to dress, but I just can't seem to execute it. Someday we'll figure it out...right?!

Natalie said...

I'm here to help validate you and assure you that your blog isn't boring. :)

Stephanie May Anderson said...

Your blog is definitely not boring! But if you are like me you glance at other blogs and go "WHAT THE HECK!" When do these ladies find time to do all this crap? it's overwhelming sometimes. I like how real you are. My biggest pest peave on blogs is when someone is posting a crafty tutorial thing and all their pictures have some kind apology like, "Oh please ignore my husband's shoes," "Please ignore my baseboard-less walls," "Oh please don't judge that I forgot to remove that random object before I took photos..." You know the kind. It's funny how the blog world can make even the most secure woman start to feel inferior. I will tell you I currently have 1 pair of jeans that area little snug, one pair of jeans that are too big now, and one pair of jeans that are slightly highwater and a little saggy in the bum and the rest are old navy clearance pants that I hemmed myself which means when I wash them they are too short. It's totally real life and your credit rating is probably WAY better because of it. I am starting to wonder if i"m the only girl who doesn't have skinny jeans, knee-high boots, and straight across bangs- and you know what, I'll never have any of those things because THEY ARE NOT FLATTERING ON EVERYONE, and I am part of that everyone category. Wow, this was long, sorry!

Jennifer Steinmetz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer Steinmetz said...

Just so you know, that's how I feel when I look at YOUR blog! It amazes me. But good thing neither of us are trying to impress people with our blogs (I would definitely be filled with self-loathing at this moment if that were the case, haha)

Kim said...

Oh, I love your blog! You always make me think or laugh. And even though I may have two pairs of jean that fit :), I can also relate to feeling like a trapper keeper some days.


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