Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscar Fashions 2011

I am a big fan of celebrity news/gossip. Every time this year I am excited to see the beautiful dresses on the red carpet. So settle in. I'm posting my favorites!

An interesting trend I noticed at the Academy Awards on Sunday is somewhat more modest dresses. I got super excited - these are things I could actually wear! Disclaimer: I don't know what the backs of the dresses look like. They could be backless. But the fact that they have shoulders, sleeves, and no cleavage is noteworthy - especially on major fashionistas like Cate Blanchett.

amy adams at the oscars - don't her jewels just make this look? I am drooling.

anne hathaway at the oscars - so much sex appeal and such little skin showing. Gotta be the smokey eyes, elegant hair, and head to toe sparkle

annette bening at the oscars - a little weird for me, but she seems to love it.

cate blanchett at the oscars - it took me awhile to make up my mind about this interesting avant garde dress, but I really am falling in love with it!

michelle williams - leave it to this indie beauty to transform such an unassuming look into an ethereal elegance.

tina fey at the emmys - so flattering and so surprising!

leighton meester at the golden globes - she adds spice to a buttoned-up victorian look

And some of my other favorite dresses from the recent award shows:

anne hathaway flaunted so many winning looks at the oscars. that's what you get when you're hosting. i think this look is my favorite.

wait - this one is my favorite

the sexy loose hair and the structured detail - this one is my fav!

this one! this one is the best!

catherine zeta jones at the golden globes - so the fabric is a little astroturf-y, but the shape and color is to die for.

dianna agron at the emmys. besides being the prettiest woman on the planet, her fashion sense is impeccable. this is the ultimate in femininity.

dianna agron at the golden globes - this girl can do no wrong on the red carpet. such grace and elegance. she knows exactly what she's doing.

hailee steinfeld at the oscars. i fell in love with hailee when i saw true grit. so fun to see her all glammed up. totally age-appropriate and she partnered with marchesa and helped design this dress.

mandy moore at the oscars - she looks like she's wearing stardust

meagan fox at the golden globes - an unexpected elegance from hollywood's resident bad girl. so gorgeous.

mila kunis at the oscars - such a provocative dress but the baby soft color and girly lace ruffles pair naughty and nice so perfectly.

olivia wilde at the golden globes - i want to raid olivia's closet. so dramatic. so beautiful. and her loose locks make the look - a structured updo would just not work. ooh, i love it.

Which red carpet fashions were your favorites?

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Jennie Smith said...

I liked most of those too, although I really didn't like Cate Blanchett's. I just didn't think it was flattering or attractive.


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