Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trapper Keepers are Still Awesome - No Matter What

Whining is unattractive.

My natural vain self tries to avoid unattractive things (except, apparently, dressing like a sitcom dad) so I do try to be a positive ray of sunshine all the time and avoid whining.

But we all have those days. Like yesterday’s Trapper Keeper experience.

I can’t say I am feeling totally different than yesterday, but I feel the need to rebalance my universe with a little self-love to make up for the self-loathing.

I think comparing ourselves to others is emotional poison. No good ever comes of it. Yet, I do it. We all do it. Looking to others for inspiration and motivation is okay…but there’s a very fine line when that turns into comparing and self-loathing.

So I don’t have awesome fashion sense. I don’t have an awesome wardrobe. I don’t have an awesomely branded blog.

I am still awesome.

There will always be things about me that I don’t like.

But there will always be things about me that I love. I have to remind myself of these things sometimes. Here are a few.

  • I am quirky.
  • I do a lot of stuff that keeps our lives running smoothly.
  • I love to learn and I know a lot of stuff. I get teased about starting every other sentence with “I read this study the other day and…”
  • I am honest and open.
  • My hair is fairly good to me. I have bad hair days, but in general, if I put in the styling effort, it will do what I want it to do.
  • I can pull off Halloween socks in March.
  • I am good at communicating.
  • I am good at putting on makeup and creating different, flattering looks. 
  • I love beauty—anything beautiful I love and appreciate.
  • I am slow to anger and give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • I forgive easily. I have even learned to forgive myself.
  • I tell good stories. You wouldn’t know it from my lame Trapper Keeper blog, but I do tell good stories.
  • I am comfortable with who I am. I can be alone with myself for hours and days and be content and happy.
  • People who have known me for years are often surprised by something I say or do. I am unexpected. I even surprise myself. I love that. I love that I haven’t figured myself out yet. It sometimes drives me slightly batty, but really, it is probably the most exciting and enjoyable thing about me.
  • I look good in any hair color. Here's proof - my new look.

It's hard to celebrate ourselves, but it is necessary. We need to be better about it. If you agree, take my challenge: do a similar post listing the things you like about yourself. Leave me a comment to let me know you have.


Jessica said...

You are awesome. End of story. My awesomeness come...

UK Yankee said...

You have also inspired me to do an awesomeness post. And I know I don't comment regularly, but I always love to read what you have to say!

P.S. The hair is yowza, you hot mama! :)

Jamie Boyd said...

I start off lots of sentences with "I read this study the other day and..." The problem is, I'm usually making it up. It's just a good way to end an argument that's going no where. Who can argue with a mysterious study that proves your point perfectly? But I bet you legitimately read studies instead of making them up, and that is awesome. You are totally amazing. And you do manage to surprise me with things you say all the time, AND I LOVE IT! I wouldn't survive without your daily emails. I'm finally back from San Diego, so it's time to start that up again. Miss you :)

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

Beautiful post, beautiful hair, beautiful attitude. Love it all and I think you are fabulous!!!

Beckie said...

OOh I love the dark- probably my favorite color on you!!

Melissa Giles said...

Posted on my blog about myself... thanks for inspiring me! You are awesome!

Life Happens said...

I enjoyed learning more about you and I hope that you keep on keeping it real. :0) Just wanted to add that I LOVE your hair dark. It is very flattering with your skin color!


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