Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's This Brown Mess?

Brown something smeared on the toilet seat.

Uh oh.

Brown something on the bath mat.

Oh dear.

Brown something dribbling down my baby's chin.

What has she eaten???

Just her Valentine's candy! I don't know why she ate it in the bathroom, but I am glad it's chocolate smeared on the toilet. :)

And here's a bonus picture. Joci in timeout because it is just so cute. I swear she likes going to time out. She is so good about going to the corner and staying there.


Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure that's the cutest timeout I've ever seen.

Our timeouts usually involve a lot of frenzied screaming and fish-like thrashing.

Jeff said...

I'm glad it is just brown stuff on the toilet and rug. When it was my youngest it wasn't chocolate. The mess is very similar between the two girls though hmmmm?

Ashley said...

That time out picture actually made me laugh aloud. I needed that this morning, thank you.

Jennie Smith said...

Haha! Love that Joci! Very cute timeout!


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