Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blog Problem

When I look at my blog right now, all the gadgets I had on the right hand side are now on the left hand side underneath all the gadgets there.

When I am at work on my Mac, it's fine.

When I go to edit the formatting, everything looks fine. I am so confused. It's fine on my Mac. All messed up on my PC.

Please let me know what it looks like to you and what kind of machine you use.



Jill Elizabeth said...

It looks normal to me - the bit about you on the left, the survey and other stuff on the right.

I have a PC, but I don't run Windows, I use Ubuntu, which is Mac-ish.

Michelle said...

Looks fine where I am -- I use a Mac

Jessica said...

Also on a mac...and looking great!

Jamie Boyd said...

I'm on a PC running Windows and it is messed up. Everything is over on the left and the right is just blank space.

Liz Smith said...

i'm on my macbook pro and it looks normal. hope you get it figured out though so it works everywhere. that's so annoying. :-/

Jared Smith said...

Being a computer nerd, I can tell you it is not an issue with PC vs Mac. Rather, it is an issue with the browser. I viewed it on Firefox (on a PC), and it is fine. However, when I view it in Internet Explorer (on the same PC), it displays it all weird (the right column is blank). Internet Explorer is notorious for displaying websites differently than other browsers (like Firefox, Safari, etc).

Alicia said...

Viewing on Firefox, with a PC, and the gadgets are on the left but the archive and question and poll are on the right. I don't mind it being split. There is no empty space. It all looks purposefully done.

UK Yankee said...

On a PC with Internet Explorer, and everything is on the left. So weird IE is doing it differently than everything else!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks fine to me...EI9, Windows Vista.


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