Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Duck Birthday Party Decorations

Decorations for Joci's 2nd birthday party. I will have some tutorials coming soon on how to make some of these.

I think the party turned out cute and as they say, the devil is in the details, so I wanted to have some fun details for the party. Some of these elements turned out totally awesome and some were better in my head than in real life, but that's how it goes.

This sign hung on the outside of the front door. I tried to attach crepe paper to our front porch railing but it was too windy to stay put.  

The birthday banner. I love how it turned out. I plan on using it every year for the next decade. Joci's birthday colors must always be blue and yellow. :)

 A small element, but Justin and I both really love the punch it added. At the end of the night, I divied up the suckers among the guests.

Children's party favors included a washcloth, a rubber duck, a pack of bubbles and a bar of yummy smelling soap. Adults' party favors included a washcloth, chocolate candies, a small blue or yellow candle, and a bar of yummy smelling yellow soap.

Justin made this sign. My mother and I kept teasing him about how OCD he was about everything (I prefer to eyeball over measuring because I am a wee bit lazy) but it paid off. It is perfect!

For Pin the Beak on the Duck.

For the fishing game.

This one looked better in my head. And Joci only wore it for eleven seconds. That's fair. :)

I love that I decided to hang the tissue paper pom poms with ribbon instead of fishing wire. Made it dressier.

The cake. We have a love/hate thing going on here. Check out my cake tutorial here.

I saw a Martha Stewart tissue paper pom pom kit at the party store for $16.99. I made all of these for around $5 and I could have made more. If you want to know how I made the pom poms I used this tutorial off NatSprat.

It was sad to take the decorations down. Actually, I still have the pom poms and the birthday banner up. They are so cute that I think they deserve at least a week on display. :)



Beckie said...

OOh I love it- that is soo cute- you are such a cute and creative mom!! Add party decorator to your resume!

Mom on the Go said...

I think everything turned out so cute! Love it!

Stephanie May Anderson said...

I am in love with the chocolate and peep thing with the suckers! So colorful and so cute. Great job, I wish I was an adult there to receive such a glorious party favor!

mom2jjk said...

What a fun party! I think your cake turned out adorable! Great job with the fondant!

Rachel said...

Feeling a little inferior, not going to lie. That is one helluva birthday celebration.


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