Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures 2011

Saturday we went to a community Easter egg hunt with Aunt Cindy and cousins Paige and Afton. Joci was so excited to be outside with her cousins, but as soon as the whistle blew and we took off running with her and other kids were rushing around her, she freaked out a bit She just froze. Justin and I puppy guarded a couple eggs for her, but she wouldn't even pick them up. By the time we put the eggs in the basket for her and started looking for more, all the eggs were gone. The age group was 1-6, which is a pretty wide range so the bigger kids really cleaned up. Joci didn't care, and I had to remind myself of that. A little girl came up to us and gave Joci three of her eggs -- so very thoughtful. Bless her and her parents. Joci eventually learned there was candy in the eggs, and she warmed up to them after that.

That evening we dyed eggs. The threat of spills and Joci dropping eggs into the mugs and breaking them made Justin a little stressed. :) And when green dye finally spilled all over the table, floor, and the two-year-old, I think Justin had a small coronary.

After Joci went to bed, we tried dyeing eggs the Swiss style with various degrees of success. Read more about it here.

Sunday morning the Easter "munny" had left some eggs around our house. Joci saw one as soon as she woke up and screamed, "CANDY!" We had her find her basket first and she was very excited to have her first Barbie doll. She wouldn't let it go. She did a really good job of spotting the eggs and putting them in the basket. Every time we would open one and get the candy out, though, she thought the egg was broken and tried to throw it in the "bobbage" (garbage).

I didn't get a great picture of Joci's Easter dress, but she looks like cotton candy and she loves it. She also got a cute pink hat and pink purse for her birthday that match perfectly. We talked to Joci about Jesus's resurrection but every time Joci heard the word "Jesus" she exclaimed, "AMEN!"

The weather was so nice we just had to go outside for a bit. Joci tripped in the driveway and scraped her face, but she didn't even cry.

We had ham and twice baked potatoes and we're still feasting on leftovers. It was a good day.

Oh, and Joci finished Easter with a swim in the dog water. She hasn't done this since she was about 13 months old. Oh well!

Hope you had a happy Easter!


UK Yankee said...

Her dress is adorable, she looks so cute!

The look on that dog's face is hilarious! 'What, I can't even have my water, people?'

Sounds like a really fun Easter, glad you guys had a good time!

Beckie said...

I love her dress- super cute-- I always wanted an Easter Hat!!
Next year she'll be the egg huntin fool!!!


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