Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Parable of the $62 Box of Diapers

If you spent $62 on 140 diapers, each diaper would be worth .44. That's about double a good sale price of .25 a diaper. (I am talking Huggies, FYI). If you had to pay $62 per box, you would probably weep every time your child when poo and you had to throw one of those suckers in the trash. It would probably make you wonder why you weren't simply using wadded dollar bills in lieu of baby wipes.

Who would pay $62 for a box if diapers?

Me, apparently.

My sister recently joined AmazonMom and talked me into joining. Diapers have better prices and with a subscription, there is no shipping charge. The list price for a 140-count box of size 4 Huggies is $24, making each diaper $.17 each—quite decent, especially for Huggies. Joci can't wear anything else because other brands flare her eczema.

I ran out of diapers last night. What better time to try AmazonMom? I signed up and ordered my diapers. $24 later, I saw that the estimated delivery date is Thursday. While we still have a diaper bag full of diapers (and daycare has their own during the day, so we only need about 2 a day), I wondered what it would cost to have the diapers shipped a little quicker. Amazon is super cool like that where you can change your order a bit before it ships. So I logged back into my account and wanted to check the price on one day shipping. I switched the shipping, clicked "change" and saw that the shipping was $38. No thanks!! I go to switch it back. It won't let me. I never hit a "confirm changes" button or "accept" or "place order" or anything that made me think this was permanent. Especially since the price of changing shipping wasn't displayed until I hit "change." I was freaking out. And since it was now "preparing to be shipped" I could not make changes to the order like you normally can on Amazon.

My total?

$62 for a box a diapers.

I poked around the Help section of Amazon until I found a "Contact Us" button. I sent a frenzied email about how misleading the website had been and that there is no way I would pay $38 in shipping. I expected a battle of course. I expected to get an automated response saying a Customer Service rep would respond to my concern within 24 hours and I would get my box of diapers Monday afternoon and be charged $62. I would have to call and argue with a manager over the shipping price and I would eventually get a refund, but it would be a least a month before I'd see the money.

Lucky for me, Amazon is awesome. I found an email in my inbox this morning. Not an automated one, but one with verbage from a real live person. And the name of a real live person. They honored my request and switched my order back to original 3-5 day shipping. The shipping charge was reversed. Amazon is awesome. Free shipping on cheap diapers delivered right to my doorstep may even be more awesome. I am just sad that my little girl is close to potty training and this may be the only cheap, convenient order we get to enjoy. There's always the next one, right?

Moral of the story – sometimes companies are actually cool.


Maria said...

Love it!!! I have always thought of ordering from there- but haven't. One of my goals this year was to stock up and have a years supply. $160 later I do- too bad I didn't just do that! It would have only cost $100. Excuse me while I throw up! :)

Frederick Family said...

.44 cents a diaper, I would treat them like Gold. I went through about 16 diapers a day when the boys were newborns. Uggh. So glad you were able to get it straightened out.

Vanessa said...

I LOVE Amazon Moms. I get free 2-day shipping, though, so I'm not sure why yours is 3-5 day. I've been on it for a long time, though, so maybe the deal has changed. I love not having that huge box of diapers take up over half the shopping cart.

Liz Smith said...

i love amazon. they are awesome! when i first read it i skimmed and thought it was 38 dollars total. ie, 24 for the diapers and 14 for shipping. i thought THAT was expensive, but still seemed normal. then when i read your 62 total i went back and saw that just the shipping was 38 and i was floored!!!! That's crazy! i am so glad they fixed it for you!

Beckie said...

I love Amazon Mom - and subscribe and Save- I get to where I will not go to the store- I hate shopping stores- when I can just get them delivered!!!

Haylee said...

You can actually earn up to a year of Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping) with Amazon mom. I don't remember how, but two of my sisters-in-law use it that way. Or with your next baby you could use BumGenius 4.0 diapers and it would cost you about $0.03/diaper after 2 years of use. But I'm already a hippie ;) so I have no qualms using cloth, especially when they are as convenient as they are these days.


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