Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Messes in the Kitchen

Jocelyn was drinking from a sippy cup of milk while I was making dinner. She was in the kitchen but after a bit I noticed that she wasn't tangling herself in my legs as usual - she was keeping herself busy in some other manner. I look over and see her take a big swig of milk from the sippy, then lean down and spit it all over the floor and then wipe it up with a hand towel.

Anytime she makes any kind of mess, especially liquid, she likes to instantly wipe it up. She enjoys being a big girl and copying Mommy that way. So why not just make your own mess to start with?


Tonight I taught Jocelyn that when she is done with things like dishes and sippy cups, she should put them in the kitchen sink.

This worked out well since many of her dishes ended up there. She just loves putting things where they belong. She loves being obedient and being praised for it.

Fast forward to when I was hand washing dinner dishes. I had the water running in the sink to soak a big bowl. I notice Joci sitting at my feet and one of her shoes is missing. I ask her where it is and she doesn't say anything. I turn back to my sink and find her shoe right in the stream of water.

I guess she was done with her shoes and knew just where to put them!

This girl cracks me up!


Beckie said...

OOh that is too funny- good to teach them young what you want them to do- maybe then when they are naughty teenagers- it won't be soo tough!! She is adorable!!

Frederick Family said...

Two year olds are hilarious. I love how their minds work. Remember a couple of years ago with all the cousins dyeing eggs and Camden was just drinking the dye?? It's not so funny when it's your kid. Maybe Joci is of a southern religion if she is praising Jesus with Amens :)


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