Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts on April Fool's

I like pranks.

Honest to goodness pranks.

Like putting a stapler in Jell-O. :)

I am against April Fool's "jokes" that result in disappointment or hurt feelings. Like a fake pregnancy, fake engagement, fake winning lottery tickets, and fake trips to Disneyland that result in a big fat just kidding.

I've seen a lot of that on Facebook today. I am a Sensitive Sally though, what can you do?

My mom has done several pranks that have left me leery of this day. And they all involve food.

Once she scraped out the cream inside the Oreos and replaced it with tooth paste. Maybe that's why I am not an Oreo fan.

Once the sandwich she packed for me had gummy worms hidden in the peanut butter. I was a baby about it and threw my entire lunch away, mad that food had been tainted. My mom felt bad that I went hungry but she figured I would just pick of the gummy worms and eat my sandwich. Nope.

I remember once as a child that I was vacuuming the hallway when my sister Julie rushed to me and said my pet parakeet Domino was laying at the bottom of his cage--probably dead. I threw the vacuum down and dashed to my room to find my bird happily intact. The vacuum sucked up something it shouldn't have in the meantime and I got in trouble for that.

But my very best April 1 memory was two years ago when we got The Call. We had been chosen to be parents. Best phone call ever. You can read about that memory here.

I hope you've all had a good day without any mean pranks or disappointments - only laughter and silliness.

P.S. I was going to upload a picture of us announcing our adoption but the photo upload isn't working right now. Sorry for yet another post without a picture.

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Life Happens said...

Thought you might like to hear about the trick that we played on our kids. Our sons get home from school about 15 minutes apart. Their dad and I decided that we would tape the sprayer nozzle at the kitchen sink down. When the boys turned on the faucet to wash their hands, the sprayer nozzle sprayed water all over their shirts! Good was hilarious to hear and see their reactions. They couldn't believe we pulled one over on THEM!!! I think we are going to be on the look-out the next few days. I think that they may have some tricks up their sleeves for us!


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