Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Day Potty Training Coming Up

Parents are pretty passionate about parenting. Which is a really, really, really good thing. But I know all of us have experienced the unwanted, unsolicited parenting advice. I guess that's just part of people being so passionate about their roles as parents. :)

I bring this up because we have decided to potty train Joci this 3-day weekend.

And we've certainly heard a lot of opinions about it. I won't go into details.

Suffice it to say, that I know she is ready. The program outlines just what we need to do and I know of five children who this has been successful for in the past couple months.

Wish me luck.


Vanessa said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I love the diaper picture-it looks like she's ready if you have to tape her diapers on! :)

Alicia said...

Good luck. Your back will hurt from bending over. Be forewarned.

Anonymous said...

She will do great - afterall she is my granddaughter. Have fun and order in pizza or something fun.

Love Grandma Z.

Debra said...

Program? Where did you find said program? I am DESPERATE! Please I would love to try it, if you are willing to share!

Frederick Family said...

Good Luck!!! I'm excited to hear how it goes. I loved the days that centered all around pee and poop:)
I knew it was time when the twins came out of their room one day after a nap holding their undone diapers around their knees and the diapers were full of poop. Boy was I glad we caught those diapers before they were all the way off.

UK Yankee said...

Good luck!! I've heard all kinds of success stories lately on potty-training - including my friend who managed to do it with twin boys by letting them play games on her iPhone when they went - I guess it takes all kinds of programs, right? I thought it was hilarious!

Jamie Boyd said...

I hate to give the unsolicited advice you were just complaining about, but I think the duct tape on the diaper will make potty training HARDER. You should take it off before you start.

Amy said...

Good Luck! Someday I'll get around to that with my third kiddo.


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