Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are You "Good at Being Bad"? John Hendricks, Hippin' the Hop

I enjoy supporting artists I like. Especially artists I know! There's a certain brotherhood (sisterhood? peoplehood?) among creative creatures and we like to see great talent be recognized and succeed.

Without further ado, I present John Hendricks.

I went to high school was this guy and always knew he was uber talented and uber cool. In fact, he wore bacon to school one day - fried bacon pinned to his clothes. And no one made fun of him. In fact, I think it started a food-wearing trend. Only someone super cool can wear bacon to school and start a trend.

yeah, he was that guy in high school

He is also just a really great guy. Really humble, genuine, really nice, and always considerate of others. Yeah, he might front a tough guy persona, but John is just one of the awesomest people I've ever known.

Except he did crash my wedding reception. I don't mind though.

I saw John at my ten year high school reunion last year. He told me how he auditioned and got a part with the Blue Man Group. And then he started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce a video for this song he wrote. I whipped out my wallet and offered a modest contribution.

John is a professional spray paint artist and I got an original piece of art for my contribution. {Seriously - how does one become a professional spray paint artist? I somehow missed that major in college.}

He has now made his video and it is...it is just John. I am surprised the baby doll isn't wearing bacon, but it's still pretty sweet.

{Random plug: here is John's blog. Well, it's more like his wife Laura's blog. I have only met her through cyber space but she is very witty and very pretty. She's also featured in the music video.}

So check out the video.

Support a budding artist by downloading his song on iTunes. Believe me, it will become your summer blasting anthem.

Proud to know you, John! Congrats on your video.

1 comment:

Laura Hendricks said...

i love that commenting automatically makes me a smart person!

i'll i can say is thank you, thank you for the shout out. this was such a nice post and who doesn't like reading about their husband/themself?

so glad you like the video so much!


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