Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cheated by the Apocalypse

If the world really ends at 6 p.m. tonight, there are some things I am going to be miffed about. Really, the apocalypse should be a bit more convenient and considerate of the people whose lives are being ruined.

This article really got me thinking about all the things I would be bummed out to miss. The article lists ten pop culture events the author doesn't want to miss out on. I agree with about half, including:

9. The Hobbit Movies: Damn you, production delays! These films could have been holiday favorites in 2009 and 2010 and we could be enjoying them on DVD as the world comes to an end.

7. Charlie Sheen 3.0: Oh, c'mon. Aren't you even a little curious to see what he does next?
6. The Hunger Games Movies: All of those delicious casting stories. Now just teases.

5. Lindsay Lohan making a comeback for real: It could happen. Hey, you never know ... only now we might really never know.
4. Suri Cruise as a teenager: Weren't you looking forward to her growing up? The fashions, the hairstyles ... but mostly the tell-all book and karmic payback to TomKat for all of those late nights out with no coat?

3. The Royal baby: No Kate Bumpwatch. No Duchess of Cambridge bridal shower photo gallery. No Royal Baby Name Generator.
2. The 'Breaking Dawn' movies: We may never see Bella and Edward get it on on the big screen. Or see little Renesmee come to life! Thank goodness, we at least have leaked photos.

Okay, so the above stuff isn't mine...I just shout a big "AMEN!" of agreement with it. To add my own two cents, here are a few more things I would feel cheated about.

1. I've never been tan. I think I would look hot tan. But I avoid sun because of skin cancer, yadda yadda yadda. If it's all gonna end tomorrow, I regret not ever being a bronzed beauty.

2. My IRS tax audit. All that time and stress pulling together all the paperwork. Man, I would be MAD!

3. The final Harry Potter movie. Heaven wouldn't be heaven without a Harry Potter premiere party, right?

4. Dieting. Enough said.

5. Buying green beans and tuna fish at the case lot sale yesterday. Then again, if I am left behind, I'll probably be glad to have all that canned food.

6. I just started watching the series LOST. I will be seriously miffed if I never know why there are polar bears on that island!!!

On the flip side, I'm content that I haven't wasted time mowing my lawn. Sometimes procrastination really pays off.

What would you miss?

Happy end of the world, everyone!



UK Yankee said...

Wow, I read that article and I didn't realize how intense that guy was! Sheesh!

And yeah, it's 8:18 here, and no earthquake, dying, bodies, etc. What a RELIEF!

(Oh, and we are SO MEETING in real life when I come out in July!! Ok, that sounded kinda stalkery, but if you live on the way to Rexburg, we at least need to meet up for dinner!)

Debra said...

Umm... you might want to prepare yourself for disappointment about the Polar Bear thing. I loved Lost but there are so many gosh darn unanswered questions. :)

Liz Smith said...

Lost was fun, though we definitely need to discuss after you're done watching it. i don't want to spoil anything, so i'll just wait till you're finished. :)

you can be tan! sunless tanning can be effective. you can always try it. the worst that can happen is you turn orange for a couple days. :P

Melissa Giles said...

I would be sad never to have met my baby. That would seriously stink!

Laura Hendricks said...


thanks for reading/commenting on my blog! john told me about you-said you have always been so down to earth, cool and smart but four years ahead of him in maturity. :) i love "bacon boy" for john and tell your husband thanks for the new nickname.

reading through your blog has been hilarious and cool and i'm so glad we're internet friends

Rachel said...

Ha! Love that your #1 was that thing we were talking about in RS today.

Doctor O said...

Seen all of LOST and still don't know why there are polar bears on the island...


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