Friday, May 13, 2011

C'mon Goat!

After work today, some coworkers and I went to the ranch of another coworker and saw her baby pygmy goats, emus, horses, and llamas. The baby goats were the size of my toy poodle. They were absolutely precious.

At first, Jocelyn was a little nervous of these tiny little goats. But she warmed up to them and fed them and for the rest of our visit she would loudly beckon, "C'mon, goat!" And guess what? Those little goats whould prance right a long after us!

The weather was glorious and all the kids had a blast - pun intended!


Anonymous said...

Looks like our little Joci really had fun and great pics.
Grandma Z.

Beckie said...

How cute are those goats- I love that she'd say c'mon goats! Little kids and animals are too precious!


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