Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feeling Good About Today

Today I

  • Ate breakfast
  • Got dressed
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Weeded a flower bed
  • Made lunch
  • Changed the bag in the vacuum
  • Vacuumed the house
  • Unloaded a dishwasher of clean dishes
  • Handwashed a slew of pots and pans
  • Took care of all the dirty dishes
  • Watched an episode of LOST
  • Ordered pizza for dinner but still provided a vegetable
  • Showered
  • Oh, and potty trained a toddler.

I think I have accomplished a lot!


Alicia said...

You have. You deserve a cookie. Or I give you permission to steal a potty-training treat if that is easier.

UK Yankee said...

Woohoo! Awesome!

Frederick Family said...

Good Job. I love fulfilling days. Especially when not having to buy diapers is involved.


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