Monday, May 2, 2011

Jocelyn's Two Year Stats

We have a two year old! I can't believe it - can you???

Some things about her:
  • Completely off the binky (has been for a couple months)
  • Loves to sing. She constantly asks me to sing "Baa Baa Black Sheep." She also likes "Patty-Cake," "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree," and "Wheels on the Bus." She likes me to put the names of her daycare friends in the songs.
  • We see more tantrums and attitude, but we also see a lot more ability and knowledge
  • Loves go outside
  • Knows where many things go and likes to put them away. Joci cleans up after me a lot. :)
  • Likes bath time
  • Loves her kitty Gabby
  • Gets up at about 7:40, has one nap after lunch, and goes to bed at 8:20
  • Generally a good eater
  • Loves to play with cousins and grandparents
  • Can close doors and open some doors depending on the handle
She chatters a lot. As her mom, I understand about 40% of what she says. Justin understands 20% and the rest of the world understands maybe 5%. Isn't that how it goes? These are some of the cutest words she says now: butterfly (oofly), Alabama (she says it perfectly), Oso (from a tv show, she always says it in a demonic, deep voice), elephant (elfan), Paige (Pidge), and the best word ever: Mommy.
And here are her stats:
2 ft 10 inches tall - 50th percentile
26.6 pounds - 40th percentile
48.5 cm head - 75th percentile

She did pretty good with her shot. I am very happy we don't have to worry about anymore until kindergarten.


Mom on the Go said...

2 year olds are rough! I love having an excuse for everything though- "Sorry, she's 2", "Yeah I have a 2 year old, sorry I'm late". I use it for everything!

Beckie said...

Oh the dreaded shots-- I feel so bad holding them down to get stuck!! Makes me almost cry- hooray no more shots fora while!! she is a doll!


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