Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Cake

Cake is delicious.

Let me qualify that. Chocolate cake is delicious. Seriously—is there really any other kind of cake?
I have never been a fan of white cake. I can handle a tasty carrot cake slathered in cream cheese frosting, or a decadent red velvet cake, but my tastes are on the darker side.
I always wanted a chocolate wedding cake. And not just chocolate cake covered in white frosting—I wanted it all chocolate. Because why ruin a perfectly good cake with boring white frosting?
I found a picture of the cake I wanted in a magazine. My mother and sister recreated it for me. Now, these ladies were no cake-making ameteurs, but this was their first wedding cake. It turned out beautifully.

The sugar from the frosting/cake caused the strawberries to seep. Their juices penetrated into the cake and near the end of the evening, the cake began collapsing on itself.
Tragic, really.
But the bigger tragedy?

This was all I ever tasted of that amazing cake.

1 comment:

Liz Smith said...

i pretty much love all cake and all of it's forms...but chocolate cake is absolutely my all-time fav. such a shame that that's all the cake you got. it seems to be a common thing at weddings....when it's your own wedding that is. I think i had the same amount at mine. Now, whenever i go to weddings, i make sure and eat at least 2 pieces in order to make up for it. haha!


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