Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Reunion in Saint George

Last week, my parents hosted a family reunion for their kids, the spouses, and grandkids. It was awesome. We used to do a reunion like this every summer camping up in Island Park, Idaho, but alas our family is too big for that! It takes a lot of planning and traveling anymore.

We had a great time. The best company. Good food. Lots of sunshine and water. I thoroughly enjoyed the ninety-degree weather.

Here are some pics.


Camden, Joci,and Audrey. Camden always enforced this seating order.

Joci really did enjoy the water, despite the expression in this picture.

However, she did not like tubing

Grandpa and Patrick

Ellie, Joci, Justin, and my mom Normandie at the splash park

Stephanie showing off her "mad" face (Robert and Mason are on the left)


Julie and Patrick

My dad Dave
Mom showing off her flowers

The boys built this awesome fort

A lot of people got covered in bug bites from the lake. Upon reporting it, all who were affected got a tee shirt that reads "I Got the Itch Sand Hollow State Park." Kind of disturbing that they have a tee shirt made for it, but no warnings or other info! :)


Justin helping Jocelyn roast a marshmallow. Jessica, Jeff, and Afton look on.

The menfolk tried for the better part of an hour to make a fire without matches/lighters/etc. We got lots of smoke and even sparks, but no flames.


Aunt Stephanie introducing Jocelyn to s'mores

Stephanie and Jocelyn

Justin singing while Jocelyn and Audrey get musical

Cutest picture EVER! Afton, Joci, and Audrey. (Notice Audrey in the sweater - she is from Tucson and the 65 degree mountain weather was just too cold.Afton has no jacket, Joci has shorts on - they are both Idaho girls!)


Amy said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun! It's always great when you can get the whole family together. :)

Frederick Family said...

It was so fun to be with everybody. I'm so glad we have such a great family and the cousins have such a great time together.

The Gotch Family said...

I am glad you had fun. I am jelous. Oh, and I usually don't notice there sorts of things, but I love that Justin is wearing shorts, and black tube socks with sneakers. Love it.


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