Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Ten Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, my love and I were married!

All day we've been reminiscing..."This time ten years ago, we were driving to the temple" or "This time ten years ago we were having our pictures taken."

I figure this is a good time to tell our wedding story. We certainly have some stories to tell!

Our wedding day was a disaster in many ways.

Luckily a bad wedding day says nothing about the quality of the marriage. :)

June 8, 2001, was a beautiful, mild summer day. Our wedding was at 9:00 a.m. I got up early, got ready and headed to the Idaho Falls Temple where we would be married. We learned that my brother's wife had gone into labor the night before. We weren't sure whether or not my brother would make it to the wedding, but he did. She had the baby - my nephew Robert - a few minutes after midnight the morning of the wedding.

The morning was rushed and hectic. And I have a tendency to stress and internalize, so I wasn't in the blissfully happy mood you'd wish for a bride. I was frustrated by one of the temple attendants who I felt was a little too...uh...friendly...who watched me undress and get in my wedding gown and tried to zip me up and do all the things my mother should do, not a stranger. I also thought it was kind of lame that the bride's room - a beautiful room with gorgeous vanities where the bride gets ready - forbade the use of hairspray and cosmetics. Um, why have a room to get ready in if you can't get ready in it? And then the "friendly" lady kept telling me how to do things, like how we should take our rings out of their boxes and put them on handkerchiefs, but really, I wanted them in the boxes. She really flustered me. I was hating the day already.

But at last when I was ready, I was taken to a little waiting area where Justin was seated. Sitting next to him just brought everything into perspective. Then the wedding began. It lasted maybe fifteen minutes, but it was the most beautiful part of the day and is tied with holding Joci for the first time as one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

After those fifteen minutes were up, the chaos started back up. It was frustrating, but proves the point that marriage itself is holy and it's about two people coming together. All the worldly stuff - the flowers, cake, guests, food, and more - really are distractions from the real event.

we're married!

Justin's family had been waiting outside and we learned that because of a misunderstanding, Justin's father had left. We weren't sure where he went. (These were the days before cell phones...I'm so old!) So we tried to push aside the confusion and worry and keep to the schedule. The photographer focused on pictures of my family since Justin's dad was missing - we could photograph his family later. The photographer was good, but slow. He was a high school photography teacher who did the occasional wedding, so it wasn't exactly his specialty.

some of the great pictures that made us so late for lunch

We got to the luncheon late...probably an hour late. All our guests were so hungry! I'm glad they waited. And we were glad that Justin's dad was there! Lunch was good, but I think the amount of guests took my in-laws by surprise. Hey, I have a HUGE Mormon family.

We had a few hours between lunch and the reception to relax...or rather, break down in tears and cry over  my hair falling apart. I was in the bathroom, stressing and inconsolable. Justin came in and let me cry and vent to him. I know people probably thought something else was going on in there, but I swear it was just a bridezilla meltdown. :)

The photographer was supposed to meet us thirty minutes before the reception for photos. He was late. He arrived just before the reception was too start. We started the reception about 45 minutes late because of photographs. People were antsy. I was antsy. In the end, I think we missed quite a few photo poses and opportunities that I had hoped for. That was disappointing.

the wedding party

Also, on a side note, I was also a bit disappointed by our reception. I initially wanted to go to reception center about fifteen miles away. It was beautiful. They did their own catering and it wouldn't cost any more than renting decorations and ordering food to serve at the free church. My mom talked me out of it though, afraid that it was too far away and people wouldn't come. I am still sad I didn't fight for myself more. We booked the reception backdrop using photographs - we never saw the actual thing until it was set up and it was not in good shape. And the flower arrangements from that same lady were really yucky. Needless to say, having my reception in a church gymnasium with a chipped and warn backdrop and gnarly decorations was not my dream wedding. It was too late now!

We were uncertain if my flower girl would attend - my niece whose mother just had a baby. But she did show up.

my niece and flower girl Madison

My uncle and his family were driving up from Salt Lake. Their car broke down and someone had to go rescue them.

Knowing what I know now, I think a lot of stress came from lack of communication.

We did have a small program. Justin sang a song he wrote for me. *Swoon.* And we sang our song together - The Gift by Collin Raye and Susan Ashton.

I had to use all my persuasive powers to get my father to dance with me to "My Girl" as Justin danced with his mother.

We enjoyed our first dance as husband and wife.

We cut the cake - as it was imploding on itself.

Flipped the garter and bouquet and finally left in a shower of bubbles almost an hour late, which was a problem because we had to get to a special hotel an hour away and they closed in less than hour.

We called the hotel and they said they'd leave our key in the mailbox. Disaster averted. We changed quickly and swerved through a Burger King drive through for a very fancy wedding day dinner. :)

Unknown to us, Justin's father had a severe asthma attack and spent the night in the ER. Yikes!

The next day, we set off on our honeymoon...which is another story full of disastrous surprises.

Despite the appearance of a baby, the crazy temple lady, the hair disaster, the turtle-slow photographer, the uncle with the broken car, the sunken cake, the missing father-in-law, the Burger King dinner, the late-for-everything schedule, we must've had some fun. Just look at us:

So glad to have spent the last decade with you, Puppy. Can't wait for a hundred more.


Alicia said...

In the picture of you just coming out of the temple you look like Cinderella. Gorgeous.

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Wonderful- I love your dress! Congratulations on 10 years!

Anonymous said...

I remember that beautiful day even though Jerry went missing for awhile - everything went just fine at the reception, until the asthma attack later on. Wouldn't have missed it for a moment. Happy Anniversary kids! Love Mom

Amy said...

In the bouquet picture all of us single girls in the background have that look of "I want to catch it, but I don't want to LOOK like I want to catch it." You look beautiful! Isn't it fun to look back and think about the things that have made your story so far. Thanks for sharing.

UK Yankee said...

Happy anniversary! I love your wedding dress, it's so beautiful! And I'm sorry your day was full of look radiantly happy and in love despite everything!

Jessica said...

I loved reading your story. Young love that has matured and happy!

Liz Smith said...

happy belated anniversary! 10 years is an awesome milestone. :) Congrats!!


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