Monday, June 13, 2011

My Wedding Ensemble

I picked out the pattern of my wedding dress when I was 13. Then my sister Stephanie uncermoniously stole it and used it for her dress—with a few modifications. My tastes had changed slightly since I was 13, anyway. J

I knew I wanted elegance. Something classic…yet a little unexpected. And being a shorty-pants, big poofy dresses swallowed me whole.

I took my inspiration from a classic. Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.

I just loved the statuesque lines, the sparkle, the slight sex appeal of a slim silhouette. Though I tried on all kinds of dresses—even those with poofy skirts—I gravitated toward this style.

Now they always say that when you find The Dress, you’ll know it. You won’t want to try on anything else. That didn’t happen for me. I definitely liked the dress, but I also like to overanalyize. I am like my mom. Even if I find something I like at a price I like, I still have to thoroughly go through every other store just to make sure. But I still kept coming back to this dress.
At one point, Justin even came to the bridal store with me and my mom and saw me try it on. I needed his opinion! I suppose that’s bad luck or something, but I didn’t own the dress yet so he wasn’t really seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding.

The back of the dress was a little low and altering it would cost almost as much as the dress itself. I convinced my mother she could do it herself. Rather than ordering more very expensive European lace, she trimmed some lace of the train and built up the back of the dress. To this day you can’t tell that there’s a single modifcation. She did it perfectly.

I accentuated my gown with elbow length satin gloves and a crystal tiara. My mother lent me the pearl earring she wore when she married my father.

I got some $5 white sandals with a pearlized finish at Payless. I was so proud of my frugal choice at the time. Now I wish I had tried a little harder. They are just the wrong shoe for the dress. Too clunky. My style just hadn’t matured yet. And it wasn’t because I loved the shoes, I just thought “Hey, these will work and they’re only five bucks.”

Would've looked so much better with satin stilettos

For my hair, the last thing I wanted was a severe updo with a pile of curls on top of my head. I scoured magazines and websites and found a perfect hairstyle—a romantic chignon with pearl strands woven in. Loved it. At that time, I didn’t really have a stylist or even a salon I frequented, so I went to my mother’s hair salon. I had a consulatation where I discussed what I wanted with the stylist. I gave her the picture and asked if my hair was long enough. Yes, yes. We were set. A month or more later, I went to the salon to have my hair done for my bridal pictures. When the stylist was done, I had a severe updo with a pile of curls on my head. I kind of wondered what she was doing when she didn’t bring out the picture I gave her. Being my passive-aggressive self, I said nothing, fought back tears and unloaded later on my mom. Of course there wasn’t time to fix the hairstyle anyway. It still frustrates me to this day. I have such a hard time speaking up for myself. And now that I have a stylist I really love and who is very professional, it makes me mad that my wedding stylist was so unprofessional. And the hairstyle has seriously made me dislike all my wedding photos. I don’t have a single one hanging in my house because I can’t stand how I look.
Isn’t that so sad?

The bridals turned out pretty good, but I hate my hair so it’s hard to love them. They were taken in April in Idaho. I really wanted them outdoors, but everything was dead. I’m not sure if that was a smart choice.

For my wedding itself, I cancelled the stylist. I figured if all I was going to end up with was a pile of curls on my head, I could do that myself. Which I did but I tried to make the look a little looser. And my hair fell out right after the wedding and caused a time crunch, tears, and stress. Oh how I wish I could travel back in time and make myself find my current stylist back then. 


UK Yankee said...

I love your dress - and I really love that you wore those gloves, the whole ensemble looks so gorgeous and elegant!

I feel ya about the hair. There are so many things from my wedding I'd change looking back now! I console myself with thinking that one day I'll make P agree to renew our vows and we'll do it right the second time! :)

Dede said...

I have loved reading about your wedding. I remember getting engaged with in a couple of weeks of each other! It was fun to be there at the begining of your story. So glad you guys are still so happy together.

Liz Smith said...

awww! so beautiful!


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