Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Proposal

I hope you're not getting sick of these posts. For me, it's fun to reminisce and I don't think I have ever written all this down before, so it's good for posterity's sake. :)

our engagement photo

One day - I believe it was a Saturday, but I don't remember, pathetic, huh? - in September, I was hanging out in Justin's dorm room. I was on his computer chatting online with one of my best friends, Vanessa. I wasn't feeling well and Justin offered to go to the store to get me some medicine. He was gone for about three hours, which was very frustrating since I was waiting on his medical purchase for relief.

When he came back, he was acting very odd. I saw him whispering to his roommate and he seemed a little antsy and hyper. Maybe even giddy. After about ten minutes of this silliness, he asked if I wanted to go out to dinner that Saturday. This day couldn't have been a Saturday. I have no clue when it was. Oh well. Anyway, I said I would. I continued chatting with my friend and Justin continued acting silly. A few  minutes later, Justin said, "Never mind dinner on Saturday. Wanna go for a walk?" So we went for a walk.

We got maybe fifteen feet in front his dorm building and standing on the plain old sidewalk in the afternoon sun, Justin said, "You know I love you, right? And there's nothing I could do to scare you away?"

I hesitantly answered that there wasn't - but little red lights go off any time someone says something like that. :) And then suddenly there was a red velvet ring box in front of me with a diamond engagement ring nestled in the folds. And Justin asked if I would marry him.

And I said yes.

Did I mention it had only been ten days since our first date?

We were crazy. CRAY-ZEE. I can't believe our parents didn't ship us off to separate boarding schools. Actually, I was so nervous about telling my parents that I didn't even tell them about the engagement for about a month. We may have only been engaged for ten days but we had a nine month engagement, which kind of makes up for it, right?

The first person I told was my friend Vanessa who was still waiting for me on chat. She was astounded and didn't really believe me. I wouldn't have either.

Now that was my side of the story. To fill in the blanks, Justin went to Walmart to buy my medicine. As he passed the jewelry counter there, he just had this uncontrollable urge to buy a ring and propose. So after buying the medicine, he went to the jewelry store at the mall and picked out a ring. My birthday was about five weeks away and he planned on proposing then. But it was just burning a hole in his pocket. He knew he couldn't wait that long, so he decided a nice dinner over the weekend would be acceptable. And even that wouldn't do. So then came the walk.

After I accepted the proposal, we ran around like giddy kids and told our friends. Everyone was simply in shock. We even ran up to the rooftop of the dorm building and shouted our happy news. See, we did it way before Tom Cruise. We went to the store to buy some sparkling cider. In the checkout line, I picked up a bridal magazine and then I bubbled over and told our happy news to the checkout girl. She seemed rather unimpressed.

Our friends threw an engagement party for us that night. Well, sort of. They actually had planned a birthday party for another guy who went MIA, so they used the birthday cake and birthday hats for us. :)

our engagement party

So there may have been no down-on-bended-knee or blimp in the sky or candlelit dinner and tuxedos, but I love my engagement story just the same. The spontaneity and impulsiveness of it. It just really captures the love-at-first site, youthful determination we had. It's been a decade and we've weathered a lot of storms. I am sure there were many, many people who didn't think we'd ever see our tenth anniversary (and there were times when I think we each wondered that ourselves) but our initial spark of chemistry has truly developed into the deepest, most powerful kind of love there is.

And that's how we got engaged!


Beckie said...

Perfect- fits you - just perfect!

Anonymous said...

As the mother, I feel that this is a great story and Justin is so like his father in many ways. You are lucky as he is lucky to have you. May you have at least 60 more years of wedding stories to share.


Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

I thought you guys were crazy but I also thought that you were PERFECT for each other. So even if it was only 10 days, Justin was just a smart man taking the initiative and didn't waste any time.

Liz Smith said...

10 days since your first date????!!!! wow, i am definitely speechless. but hey, when it's right it's right, right? :) so glad you two crazy kids are still going strong 10 years later. :)


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