Monday, June 20, 2011

A Short Note to My Daughter

Dear Joci,

Last night, you had a hard time going to sleep. As I sat by your bedside in the hush of the night and sang to you, my heart was filled with peace. Though you should've been asleep hours before - and you interrupted my nightly routine of internet browsing, television watching, and random chores - there was nowhere I would have rather been.

I sang "I Am a Child of God" to you - your favorite bedtime song. In the glow of the nightlight, you didn't look like my somewhat sassy and independent two-year-old girl. You looked like my wide-eyed eight month old again - no teeth, chubby cheeks, and bright eyes. You gathered a tendril of my long hair in your dexterous little hand and rubbed it softly against your cheek.

And I fell in love with you all over again.

I teared up then, wondering where my baby had gone. Time flies so swiftly. Too swiftly. And I felt so guilty about the my feelings at the day's seemingly exasperated events - two little hands into everything, one small little voice insisting "I do it!" for every activity, and the constant plea of "Up, up, up!"

How I longed for these moments...not just the quiet ones singing you to sleep, but the messes, the tantrums, the growing pains.

I love you, darling. I love being your mother. Yet I have one small favor to ask of you, sweet Jocelyn. Would you do just one thing for Mommy? You are growing too fast. Please slow down.

Forever and Always,


Anonymous said...


Liz Smith said...

so sweet!

Beckie said...

I second that!

Jennie Smith said...

Very sweet!

Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Rachel said...

Don't you just want to freeze them sometimes? So little and sweet, with soft chubby cheeks and dimpled hands and wide eyes.

Also, as you have noticed, we seem to be on the same blogging wavelength. I swear to you I've been working on letters to my boys for a while now. Not copying!

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, that was BEAUTIFUL, Laura! You really are a writer. WOW.


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