Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby, You're a Firework

Fourth of July was really fun. It's my favorite holiday and it did not disappoint. We didn't have any company, which is rare. We had a quiet house. After a mellow morning, we had a barbeque with my brother and his family then moseyed on down to the Idaho Falls greenbelt to watch one of the top ten firework shows in the country.

Notice my green St. Patrick's day socks - I always wear holiday socks...but I didn't have any Fourth of July socks

More than a hundred thousand people crowed onto the banks of the river in nearby parking lots, undeveloped lots, freeway exits, etc. Lots of people, sure, but the energy is so much fun.

The crowds on the far side of the river

There was music, spontaneous line dancing, karaoke and lots of fun

Cindy brought glow sticks for the kids. Awesome!

Jordan and Paige

Joci hogged them all!

Joci just danced and had  a ball

The fireworks started and she was excited at first, but then the noise frightened her. I cradled her in my arms so she could bury her face in my chest but still peek out when she was curious enough. For the first ten minutes of the show, she just hid. For the second ten minutes she would peek every now and then. And for the remaining 20 minutes of the show she began to point and cheer and really enjoy the beautiful display.

As always, it was a breathtaking show. I have seen fireworks in Yellowstone, Chicago, and Salt Lake and nothing compares to my little home town. And newcomers agree. This is one helluva show!

Notice our cute matching bows

We played at my brother's house for a bit. He lives near the river, so we just walked to his house to wait for traffic to clear. I had Joci try her first sparkler. One of the sparks flew onto her and and burned her pretty good - her skin was black. Today it is just a good sized blister.

But if you know anything about our past celebrations (Justin was blown up in 2009 and my brother Brad blew himself up in 2008) the holiday isn't complete until someone is maimed by a firework. :)


P.S. It's worth mentioning that Justin fell down the stairs and cracked his tail bone. He limped around all day. So his injury can also be counted as a sacrifice to the firework gods.


kelley said...

I got to see the IF fireworks one summer while I was in school out there and you're right, it's pretty fab. It's so fun watching fireworks over the water!

Laura Hendricks said...

agreed. idaho falls firework show is the best i've ever seen.

Jennie Smith said...

It was great to see all of you. What a wonderful surprise!


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