Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bear World

Yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa Z. took us to Bear World. It's been open for thirteen years and I've never been. We saw a lot of cool things and Joci and her cousin Haiden had a blast. I have lots of pictures - and trust me, I have only posted a fraction.

A leucistic bull elk named Choctaw, estimated to be one in six million. They also have a leucistic female named Lucy who just had white twins and there was a third baby elk in the petting zoo.

A fawn.

Chilling in the car

A grizzly named Bridget

After our drive-through, we took the curator tours where we got to ride in a truck like this. The little kids could see things much better here than in their car seats. We also got to feed the dear grass cubes and feed the grizzlies and black bears bread and donuts.

Bridget the Grizzly

This black bear waved at us and then caught donuts in his mouth as we tossed them down.

These are all the yearling bears. They are separated from their mothers when they are a few months old so the mothers will breed again and so the other male bears won't see the babies as mating threats and try to kill them off.

Uncle Jon and Haiden

Stiltz the Moose. Or as Joci called him "Mickey Moose."

Big Boy the elk

A baby bear just a few months old. Back in April we got to see baby cubs hold one. This could have been one of them. Some of the babies were wrestling and biting each other. Joci was very concerned and kept telling the bears to stop biting and go to timeout.

The petting zoo was the best petting zoo I've ever seen. This teeny baby deer named Andy was so adorable. Joci fell in love with him and he loved to be pet.

A cool peacock


The leucistic baby elk Maverick. I got to pet him but he wouldn't let anyone else.

All the deer were so docile and liked to be pet. We also pet pot bellied pigs and goats.

On top of the awesome drive through "park" and amazing petting zoo, they had free carnival rides.

On another ride

It was such a great day. I can't believe we have never gone before. And thanks a to my darling husband for his internet sleuthing skills for finding the name of the white elk (Choctaw) because we all had forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

What a great day this was. I had so much fun and I know that everyone else did too.
Grandma Z.


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