Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Belcher Family Reunion

This past weekend, people with Belcher blood gathered from all corners of the country, nay, the world for a fun weekend.

Between dog vomit, fecal wall paintings, bald tires, and getting lost in the Wasatch front, my getting there is probably a really great story...but one I don't want to relive.

Instead, here are some pictures. I had fun and can't wait until the next one!

Joci, niece Ellie, and Justin playing with Justin's iPod

Heidi and her mom Christine (my cousin)

Uncle Brett and Aunt Lorrie

Joci and Aunt Cindy

Grilling in the canyon - Uncle Ray, Cousin Mark, Cousin James, and Aunt Marianne

Cousin Crystal and Aunt Portia

Cousin Alexis

Nephew Harrison and my brother Brad starting a marshmallow fight

Baby Ember and my Cousin Johnna

Justin, brother Jordan, and Cousin James jamming for the talent show

Cousins Chris, Adam, and Andrew

Me and Joci-Dosie

Blurry but cute - nephews Robert and Mason

Cousin Jared and his mud-covered son

Lots of cousins enjoying the talent show

Cousins Whitney, Adam, and their new baby

My cousin's daughter, Olivia

Uncle Richard

1 comment:

Sierra Williams said...

i love the pictures! It was so good to see you and meet your baby joci!


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