Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bug Bites on Bottoms

Yesterday, the fam went to Yellowstone National Park to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Z.

We like to do that during the summers when the park is open - meet in the middle for a few hours of picnicking and fun - when we don't have time for a proper multi-day visit.

We enjoyed our visit very much. Hardly saw any animals. A few scattered elk. Ravens. One bison. Oh, and three grizzly bears. Never in my 30 years of visiting Yellowstone have I *ever* seen more bears than bison. So weird! But cool.

On the way home, we noticed Joci had that look on her face like she needed to go #2. She is doing great with her potty training (we did the 3 day method) but #2 has taken a bit more to master and we have less time to rush her to a potty when we need to.

Which is exactly why we brought her portable toddler potty with us.

After confirming that she needed to go, I found a little gravel road just south of West Yellowstone, Montana, and pulled over, whipped the potty out, pulled Joci out and plopped her on it.

Just like an insect-horror movie, hordes of blood-sucking mosquitoes descended on us. I waved and swatted, smacked and wiggled, doing all I could to keep the bugs from feasting off me and my little girl's naked bum. Justin was still in the car just laughing at my spastic performance.

Once we were done, I grumbled that he could've come out to help and that now it was his job to kill the mosquitoes that entered the car when Joci and I got back in.

A few minutes later, Joci let us know she still had more #2 to go. I looked for a close campground or gas station, but there wouldn't be anything for miles. So I saw a little dirt road in Island Park, pulled into the yard area of a very derelict, abandoned building, whipped out the potty and did the whole thing over again.

Only it was worse!

Justin came out and he was on bug duty. I was crouched down, holding Joci's hand and singing Old McDonald's farm because if she's distracted, she usually goes faster. And I am wiggling and swiping, and Justin is doing his best to keep the little bloodsuckers off himself, myself, and Joci - a truly impossible feat. I have *never* seen mosquitoes like that. Never!

Joci was super concerned about our spazzing out. But she finally did her business. We hurried back to the car, half cursing the situation, half laughing. And for the rest of the ride home, we were killing mosquitoes in the car.

Even Joci would point them out. "Daddy! Bug!"

And we're still counting bug bites this today.


Alicia said...

Reminds me of Melynn. If she has an "owie" of any type and you ask her about it, she will say, "Buggie bite me."

Life Happens said...

Your story reminds me of when I was a little girl. We were on a car trip out in the middle of nowhere and I had to potty. My parents pulled over near some cotton fields so that I could go. I got bites on my bum! Mosquitoes have been really bad in Washington this year. I always make sure that I spray Skintastic with DEET on because I am some sort of mosquito magnet. I got ten bites just on one arm last week when I went out to water my garden. That was WITH repellant! Needless to say, I am going to be looking for some better, more natural repellants!

Beckie said...

That cracks me up= not the bug bites- but the whole situation!! Way to be resourceful!!!


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