Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hearing a Cry in the Night

It's not necessarily a good feeling.

But it's a feeling I absolutely love.

Hearing a child cry in the night.

It's a rare occurrence. Not something that happens even monthly. I am lucky enough to have a kid who has been sleeping through the night for 2 years now.

I hear the cry and my heart paces. The fog of sleep dissipates from my mind faster than I ever knew possible. I don't think, I just act. My feet  hit the floor and lift me out of bed. I gracefully snake through my dark bedroom, a hand gliding across the bed, curving around the bedpost, silently mapping the route to the child who needs me.

And I am there, by her side, soothing and shushing and kissing and cradling.

Sometimes all it takes is a touch. Sometimes it's rocking and songs. And then it's a stolen kiss and I slip back to bed wondering what caused her to wake - a disturbing dream? A chill? Pins and needles from sleeping in those silly positions young children often contort into?

I lie awake for a few minutes longer. My ears are pricked. My mind is vigilant. No other stirring. Just quiet. And I drift off to sleep, knowing I am needed and loved. Knowing I, hopelessly flawed as I am, can right the world of someone so amazing and I am what she wants and needs.

Hearing a cry in the night...

I don't like her to cry.

But I love the feeling of instinct, the feeling of being so needed.

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Rachel said...

I also love being able to comfort my babies at night. It sucks waking up, being tired, etc.... but I love their warm heavy sleepy bodies, the fact that all they need to feel better is their mommy's arms, the fact that I was able to be there to comfort them.

What a blessing.


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