Friday, July 8, 2011

I Need to Vent

Before I get started, let me say I know I live a very lovely life. I am happy, safe, secure, free, well-fed, and a lot of other blessed things. I think gratitude and attitude are really important.

But there are those days when you just have to wish upon a star.

And here are my wishes.

I wish my bedroom were, like, 10 square feet bigger - that our bed with a massive, solid wood headboard didn't have to go in front of our window and block all air flow and trap us inside in case of a fire.

I wish the rear view mirror in my car didn't come off the windshield every time I adjusted it.

I wish my garage door worked and I didn't have to open and close it manually every day.

I wish my refrigerator shelves weren't broken and sagging.

I wish the blasted cottonwood trees in my backyard were any other species of tree that didn't sprout low-hanging branches faster than a rodent reproduces.

I wish I had my tax refund back from the IRS.

I wish I could afford to get my hair colored.

I wish I didn't have to put my new tires purchase on my credit card.

I wish I had an office at work instead of a cubicle - the one I used to have but was unceremoniously booted from when I was on maternity leave two years ago.

I wish my birds wouldn't squawk when I try to sleep in.

I wish my dog didn't shed.

I wish my cat wasn't nocturnal.

I wish I didn't have to color in the flaking finish on my fairly new dining room table with black permanent marker.

I wish the plug mechanism in my sink worked.

I wish my transmission didn't have a leak.

I wish I didn't need new brakes on my car.

I wish my computer had, like, a trillion gigs of memory because it's always full.

Okay. Even I  am getting tired of my own whining. There are those moments, though, when it feels like everything is broken, or outdated, or barely functional and I just want to scream or cry or maybe even laugh because I am on the edge of hysterics. Someday, I will be ahead of repairs instead of always playing catch-up. I hope.

Since I've been whiny, I grant you permission to do the same. What do you wish were better/different in your life?


Meagan said...

I laughed when I saw the "0 smart people had something to say" Is it smarter to not share the woes of my life? :) I know how you feel though and have been trying to get myself not to think about the beaten-to-pieces kitchen cabinets, the ugly painted-over air vents (and light switches) the previous owners did, the awful carpet and my allergies, the bug bites, my horrendous body shape since having baby #2, and much more. It does make you want to cry doesn't it? Sometimes I think that money would buy happiness :)

Stephanie May Anderson said...

Oh how I love your blog and this post and you. If I may, I would like to make a list of things that I wish were a little better in my life. I wish I didn't have to go back to school again after getting a master's degree to become a school teacher so I can actually have a job. I wish I didn't have a thyroid disease. I wish my husband didn't snore every night so I could fall asleep easier ( even though I am madly in love with him, he does make it hard to sleep sometimes!) I wish I had a friend who would work out with me, sometimes I wish we didn't live in Utah. I could go on, but it's just nice knowing sometimes other people want to complain about the "little" things like their sink not draining properly.

Alicia said...

Love your whines. You are real like the rest of us. I wish I were thin. That's about it. Everything else I deal with pretty well, but struggling with weight just about overwhelms me!


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