Saturday, July 30, 2011

People Should Not Be Allowed to Graduate High School Unless They...

  • Can identify all of the states in America (not from memory - just pick them out of a list)
  • With 75% accuracy, be able to identify the correct continent of other countries
  • Know when to use the words "was" and "were" accurately
  • Name the last three Presidents of the country
  • Name the three branches of the judicial system
  • Name five historically important Presidents and know why they were important
  • Be able to spell--without a spellchecker--at a fifth grade level
  • Know how to use a spell-checker
  • Can add and subtract numbers up to 100 without a calculator
  • Read aloud at an eight grade level without having to stop and sound out words

I have met quite a few people--almost "many" people--who have graduated high school and in many cases college who cannot accomplish these basic educational tasks. I just balk. Our educational system is failing us all. Is there anything I am missing on this list?


UK Yankee said...

Perhaps, name 5 well-known classics, plus their authors (bonus points for plot points)?

Matthew said...

I think that UK Yankee might be pushing it. I think at least being able to identify a book would suffice.

Ashley said...

I would happily settle for you're vs your. Or wear vs where. Or there vs their. Or the use of commas, otherwise helping your Uncle, Jack, off a horse becomes something not very g rated.

Melissa Giles said...

I may not spell very well (Briant usually corrects my blogs before I post), but I can handle the difference between your and you're, & there and their. I have trouble with definitely( it took me five tries before I got it right on this). I really hate it when people don't use punctuation... at all.

Liz Smith said...

agreed! it kind of reminds me of my 'people should not be issued a driver's license unless they can...' list. it's a bit harsh...but maybe one day i'll post it. :P

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

I wish people could understand how to use an apostrophe. I'm so tired of seeing people use "'s" with the intention of it being plural, not possessive. (It's "The Smiths," not "The Smith's"!)

That being said, it also bugs me when people misuse quotation marks. I saw a sign at a sandwich shop that said: "This soup is not 'hot.'" So, is it hot or isn't it? Are they talking about its sexiness? So many questions.


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