Monday, July 11, 2011

TV Characters Are My Best Friends

I struggle with making friends. While I connect and get along with people easily, forming that deep bond of true friendship is kind of a rarity. And I hold on to my true friendships for a very long time.

Does it sound crazy to admit that some of my best friends are TV show characters?


Pam and Jim


Sarah Braverman

Chandler, Rachel, and Monica. For some reason, my connection with the other Friends characters weren't as significant.

And BFF Buffy

I've just revealed a bit of my crazy. What about you? Who are your TV BFFs?


Briant said...

Craig M.

Rachel said...

I totally do this.

I think that all my favorite characters from books are movies are my friends and talk about them as though they were real people.

Couldn't help but notice, though...a lot of these women kind of look like you. Does that mean you're your own best friend?

Groff Family said...

Me too! Rachel is totally my bff, and Jennifer Aniston herself is also my bff. I am also bffs with Sam and Carly from General Hospital, and Edward from Twilight is totally my boyfriend. But not movie Edward because I don't like Robert Pattinson, just the book Edward.


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