Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Wedding Theory

I am in the thick of producing some videos at work. It's my first time producing videos (also writing the script and directing - go me!) and it's a lot of work. It's kind of fun, but I wish I had more time. Another week. Another day. Another hour.

I've been stressed. Wrenches get thrown into well-laid plans at the last minute and it is so annoying and frustrating. There are too many suicidal jokes flying around the office for comfort.

My coworker told me about the Wedding Theory and it's so brilliant that I just have to share this awesome knowledge with the world.

Imagine you are a bride planning your wedding (most of you probably don't have to imagine - just remember!). The peach colored roses you so painstakingly selected arrive and they are actually yellow. The bird cage centerpieces you planned on broke and at the last minute you have to switch to tapered candles. You can't find the pearl earrings you were planning on wearing so you have to borrow your mom's diamond studs. The harpist called in sick so you had to get a DJ. So many things are going wrong. All the little details you spent years dreaming about are coming unraveled. Your wedding is a disaster!

Your guests arrive. They see beautiful, elegant decorations. They smell the sweet perfume of roses in full bloom. They see a blushing bride sparkling in diamonds. They think your wedding is an absolute dream.

The thing is, the guests don't know the yellow roses were supposed to peach or that there was supposed to be a harpist in the corner. They don't know any different, so when they see the whole wedding production, it is just perfect to them. They are ready to dance to the great music and enjoy a good time.

I have got to remember that. Whether it's birthday parties or a video shoot, the audience for whom its intended will never know about the last minute switches and discarded plans. They will think that everything is just how it should be. And that is all that matters.

Good perspective, huh?

1 comment:

Beckie said...

awesome perspective!! Just have to remember it when my plans are going down the toilet- it won't matter in the end!!


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