Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Judge the Dab

I read the back labels of anything I can get my hands on. Maybe that's why I became a copywriter who writes that kind of random hooey. But I do.

I have this bottle of Caress Body Wash that has instructions to "pour a dab on a pouf (you judge the dab)..."

the "(you judge the dab)" part always gets to me.

I know exactly what it is supposed to mean: "you determine the amount of dab to put on the pouf."

But it could also mean this: "pass judgment upon the dab."

I opt for the latter definition. It's a little Amelia Bedelia, but when I am in the shower and I put a dab of the body wash on my pouf, before lathering it on my skin, I look at that dab and say out loud - every single time I shower - "I judge you."


Jill Elizabeth said...

Oh, Lara. I love you :)

Jennie Smith said...

I laughed through that whole post! Ha Ha!


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