Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adoption Update: Fingerprinted

Yesterday, I took myself down to the city building and got myself fingerprinted. Don't get me started on icy government employees who refuse to talk to you if you approach them a few minutes before your appointment. Oh well. I threw out my adoption story and it melted the ice a little.

Justin still needs to do his fingerprints.

Working on the paperwork. I always get so depressed when doing the financial disclosure papers. Do we really have that much student loan debt? Shoot me now.

And we started on the child preferences form. That's a weird one. It's the paper where you get to identify desired age, gender, race, drug exposure, acceptable health conditions, and things like that. It makes you really think hard. Some of the questions take you by surprise - Would you accept a baby with albinism? Sure. I have nothing against albinos. But I guess some do. And would you accept a baby conceived through rape? Incest? Medical conditions - cystic fibrosis, cross eyes, low birth weight...just random things you don't really think about in the excitement of expecting a baby. Things you don't want to think about. Things that you usually don't have a choice in.

It's weird.

But aside from the weirdness of that, and the depression of the financial disclosure, and the iciness of the fingerprint lady, things are moving along.

Looking back to two years ago, we submitted our application on July 23rd. This year it was on July 5th. And two years ago, I did my fingerprints on August 14th. It's funny to me how closely these dates are lining up. Maybe it means we'll have another April baby! :)

Oh, and like last time, I bought a baby outfit at the store to give to Justin as a congrats-we're-expecting gift. I forgot to wrap it so the surprise was kind of lame. I searched forever to find a gender neutral outfit, but I finally did.


Mom on the Go said...

Thanks for the update! I'm so excited for you guys!

Mom on the Go said...

This has really opened my eyes! You really are expecting, just in a different way. You're not guaranteed a baby in 9 months, but will eventually be adding to your family. You guys get to make your own special traditions like the baby outfit- I love it! Congratulations!

Liz Smith said...

love the outfit! congrats! i can't wait to hear the good news. so exited for you guys!!

Just Us said...

Yea! We hope all goes well for you, Justin, and Jocelyn. We have decided to go the fertility treatment route again, since I technically don't have anything wrong with me, and because our attempted adoption experience was less than pleasant.

But we know your new baby will be joining you soon, and are so excited to hear about him/her!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the fingerprinting lady. I will admit she's a bit cold, but I love her soft chubby hands. I want to cuddle in her lap and watch Good Morning America.


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