Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Make a Birthday Banner Tutorial

For my daughter's 2nd birthday with a duck theme, I made a banner.

First, I traced large circles using a DVD as my guide on white card stock and cut them out. I made enough to spell out "Happy Birthday Joci." Don't forget to count the spaces in between words.

Next, I used a stencil I already had and traced circles a little smaller than the DVD circles on colored paper. Trace on the back of the paper so pen/pencil marks don't show on the front. Cut them out.

Center the colored circles on the white circles and glue with regular Elmer's glue. You now have a bunch of colorful circles framed by white.

I wanted my words to be similar with a white "shadow".

In Microsoft Word, I typed out my message "Happy Birthday Joci" and played with the font and size until I was happy. Then I printed a mirror image of the words on white card stock. Printing in reverse is a little different for each printer, but you should find it under the "properties" button when the print dialogue comes up. There is generally box you can check that says something like "mirror image" or "reverse image."

After I printed my reverse message, I cut out the letters. As you can see, I was low on ink, but that is okay. I cut out all the letters.

I then traced the letters on my yellow paper and cut them out.

After all the letters were cut out, I stacked the white and yellow versions of each letter, then offset them just a bit and glued them together.

Then, I glued the letters onto the circles.

Finally, I used a regular ol' hole punch on each side of the circle, then tied the circles together with ribbon. I had some three dimensional flower stickers that I put on the "space" circles. I don't have a close up of them, but you can see it in this image on the circle before the "J."

I kept the ribbon pretty long on the very edges of the banner give me plenty of allowance to hang it. Voila! So cute! These things go for at least $30 on Etsy and I made mine for about $7 and two hours.


Frederick Family said...

So cute. I don't think I would have been that patient and diligent to cut everything out.

Ashley said...

awww. look at you giving a scrapbooking tutorial....

Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing! I admired the banner in Joci's birthday pictures and it appears that the project really was as labor-intensive as it seemed. :) Oh well. My kids like handwritten crayon posters.

Groff Family said...

Way too much work!!! :) I bet you used the nice white napkins too, huh? It looks great though!


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