Sunday, August 7, 2011


Can you tell what this is?

You might be a little too close to tell it is...

the eye of a fly.

Sometimes, when we don't understand something we are struggling with, something that doesn't make sense, we just need a new perspective.

A bigger picture.

My nieces and nephews begged Justin and me to watch the movie Soul Surfer with them when they were here this weekend. It was amazing. One of those movies I won't forget for a long, long time.

The example with the fly's eye was taken from that movie.

Soul Surfer tells the true story of a teenage girl with dreams to become a championship surfer who loses her arm in a shark attack and relies on her sheer will and faith to keep surfing, against all odds.

Simply moving.

We all have something...that hinders us...that is broken about us...that scares us...and we all have more to us than that one thing.

Go to Redbox tonight or jump on your Netflix queue. Get Soul Surfer. Dare you to watch it with dry eyes. Dare you to watch it without your heart soaring.

Because sometimes, we all need a little inspiration to get that perspective.


Frederick Family said...

I'm glad you were benefited while watching four extra kids for two nights in a row. Thanks for all you do for us!!!

Ashley said...

Cried like a baby. It was pretty great.

Anonymous said...

good point!


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